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I’d like to continue on from my last blog and explain why it’s not crazy that the Billion Dollar Agent profit model is 50% net profit. Let’s analyze an independent brokerage which evolved from a top team to a good brokerage. The brokerage has 50 agents and they did $3,000,000 in GCI. That is $60...
How much do you make in your business? How much should you be making? Do you know how much you are making? For simplicity, we will define your net profit as your salary equivalent. This is the amount of money you earn after expenses and before taxes. It is similar to what you would earn in a job...
Do you ever use that evil phrase, “Past Clients”? Never use that word. Call them Clients. I spoke to a Client who last worked with us in 2008. We had “kept in touch” over the years with monthly emails, periodic mailings, a hand-written note once or twice, and quarterly calls. He said that if he ...
This will be my last blog for a while on this topic. Thanks for your excellent comments; I can tell this is a topic that is being discussed frequently since everyone has a different way of looking at it. Let’s brainstorm a simple version of how open houses should work going forward. This is abou...
I’d like to continue talking about Open Houses this week since it’s such a big topic and everyone seems to have an opinion. Your first question right now is, ‘Does it make sense for me to do an Open House?’ To decide, it would help to then ask yourself these questions too:  If you are doing $100...
Real estate, like most small businesses, makes it easy to become overwhelmed with the wide variety of marketing tactics and operational details needed to run the business and close a deal. The sooner you narrow marketing tactics to just a few and delegate everything else, the better it will be. ...
I know I’ve written on this before and love them or hate them, Open Houses are a controversial topic in the community for sure. I’m strongly in the ‘love em’ camp and want to write more about why. Open house marketing is often an extremely profitable marketing segment for buyer and seller busine...
Why would you expect that a Buyer's Agent is good at calling buyer web leads for 2-3 hours per day, showing homes to buyers, and doing closing management paperwork? Out of ten buyer's agents you have hired, how many have been really good at all three of those talents? Watch the two videos below t...
Will you send me a photo or short 10 second video of your office desk area? No, really. I am sharing some Lead Lessons from a few client case studies this week. Put them all together and the lesson is Stop Wasting Leads. You can email it to me or reply to this blog. So when I asked you to send m...
With many of our clients, our concern is that the buyer business of many teams is broken. Even if the team closes 25, 50, or 100 buyer deals via buyer’s agents, the profit may be zero or very low. Let me walk you through an analysis. Here is a sample budget model for a large team with low profit...

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