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Everyone searches for "stuff" on the web. Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask and others are traditional approaches. More advanced search processes that benefit the consumer may be the future because consumers constantly feel tricked by websites which attempt to capture their personal information. Let's talk about better ways to promote enterprise while protecting consumers.
BestHomePro has launched a brokerage with heavy emphasis on referral of leads.  We have created The BestHomePro MarketPlace, which some have said is the " of real estate."  We are pleased with that analogy. In fact, our software and systems allow Opt-In for both consumers and agents, and...
Consumers, and even agents feel low these days because we are in a recession and home values are down from where they were two years ago.  If you are trying to sell, that certainly is a problem, but if you or your clients are in the market for a new home, now may be a great time to buy. Research ...
03/03/2010 has launched a new lead and referral model in The Triangle.  It is called the BestHomePro MarketPlace and is based on the philosophy that REALTORS and consumers should be in more control of their time, choices and expenses.  Our basic tenants are as follow: Consumers 1. Search all...
Getting a mortgage at 1% less than a conventional approach might seem like a great idea, but beware the future of interest rates if you expect to be in the house more than 3 to 5 years.  If your income is rising and home values start rising again, then that 1% can look pretty good.  But if the ho...
It sure seems like we rejoice about interest rates being low, but my analysis suggests that extremely low interest rates may actually depress prices on homes.  In my BestHomePro blog I write about the trade-offs in considering the impact of low interest rates. Are Low Interest Rates Good? I would...
We are all so eager for this economy to be fixed.  We want things to be the way they were in 2005 through 2007.  But The Beachboy song, "Wouldn't It Be Nice" rings in my ears and resonates in my brain. Quick fixes are seldom possible.  Bush was at fault for everything.  Now the tide has turned an...
Recently, I have been educated about the benefits of "New Urban Development," "Traditional Neighborhood Development," "New Urbanism," and "Walkable Neighborhoods." But in searching on Google and Yahoo I mostly see esoteric studies and commentary about this "new trend."  I actually believe that th...
The answer would be "YES," if a poll had been taken anytime from 2000 to 2007. Now, there are a lot of questions about this.  It is illiquid and has a high cost. But with all the problems in real estate in the last 3 years, many U.S. citizens are beginning to wonder if things will ever be really ...
Reyn Bowman is retiring as President of The Durham Convention and Visitor's Bureau today.  He has been running this organization promoting Durham as a great place to live and work for nearly 20 years. Because Durham, NC is a great place to live and work, and because Reyn and others have been evan...
I write in my BestHomePro blog that very much like the old McDonald's 1970's ad campaign, "You Deserve a Break Today," we all deserve a break in 2010.  But I also have my three keys to getting that break in 2010. 1. Get off our duffs and do something about it 2. Think more of what will satisfy ot...

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