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Ride a bicycle! Besides being FUN, it is great exercise, saves on gasoline (quickly becoming a precious commodity), saves money, Gives a fresh perspective, is intentional and deliberate (meaning it forces you to see and experience a city, make that community in much more organic way. It saves on ...
Dear AR, It has come to my attention from some REALLY smart people that what we have been witnessing in the last couple of days is potentially one of the most catastrophic financial events in our short history, perhaps the world. It is not a bailout plan and trust me me when I say it.....Wall Str...
Technically?....Nothing except the pro-rated portion of the property taxes due and even that is not a requirement but more of a courtesy. There are no requirements at all for a seller to pay anything. Many aspects of a real estate transaction are routine for most experienced agents. However, for ...
I should make this a series, since it is one of my favorite and most written about threads. Steve Hoffaker, Jon Wnoroski, Gary Woltal, Steve Homer, Richard Smith, Leander McClain, Rich Dansereau, Jason Crouch, Jim Crawford, Glenn Phillips and many, many, many more Active Rainers have all posted a...
Now that is what separates the professionals from the wannabes. When a customer calls 7 times in 2 hours because they are concerned about a potential problem, what do you do? Do you hide?                                                                                       Wrong Do you look at th...
This is a continuing series from my blog post on the 21st of August, Did You Know?.....Title Glossary A-C The title industry has its own language. Many of the definitions are derived from Latin phrases. Many are commonplace words or idioms found in our daily language, but specific to land titles....
For starters, let me first state that I am not an economist. I read it and follow it but more as a bystander and not someone directly involved in the machinations of daily economics. I will say however that the more we know, the better we are equipped to handle all the negative and positive press...
Are you looking for something to do this weekend?........If you love hockey and animals .....Then come on out to the Nashville Zoo and sopend the day meeting the Nashville Predators and experience the beautiful exotic and really cool animals. Come on!.....It will be tons of fun! Have a great time...
Bring Donuts? Buy you lunch? Buy you leads? Sharing your marketing? have great Christmas parties? are your spouse, brother sister, mother, father, etc.?   ..................Or Is it because they................? return all you phone calls, emails, correspondence in a consistent and measured lengt...
Good morning, my friends, Title insurance may be the most misunderstood product and part of the real estate transaction in the whole process of transferring property. Property records are disjointed and confusing at best. There is no consistent recording methods and the laws pertaining to them ar...

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