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  So I'm talking to our local daily newspaper real estate reporter last month as our sales FINALLY exceeded 500 for the month of June. NOT by much, 512 to be exact, but the first time in two years. So what happens in July? Prime Time July? Sales go off the cliff from 512 to 403! So what's up with...
The Redevelopment Director for the City of Santa Rosa or YOUR town. Conversation on how the City can add to the housing stock with affordability as the key point. Reducing overall permit and impact fees. Here in the greatest state of California we now have a ADU ordinance which local cities and ...
Someone was explaining private property rights in Utah here on AR. I thought to myself, what planet do these folks live on! Private property rights? Here’s to living and owning in California! I want to subdivide my property--sorry the general plan states your density for acreage is too high for ...
Here we are nearing the end of the 2nd quarter and our sales SUCK! That's a Realtor term. We cannot get any lift off for this season. Sure we're in the midst of a super hot, multiple offer market with all price points feeling the squeeze and getting the action. BUT--sales are declining. Our once ...
Buyer Strategies in a Multiple Offer Marketplace—Part two:Buyers are in a beauty pageant every time they make an offer on a home. Your Realtor’s goal? You clutching a big bouquet, adorned with a tiara and doing that “wave” while clutching your accepted offer! So how do buyers win the Beauty Pagea...
How does your lender make a deal happen? My lenders not only issue a “pre-approval” letter but give me “credit approval”. The pre-approval letter states all we need to get this deal done is a contract, pre-liminary title report (California!), appraisal and insurance binder. THAT is a pre-approval...
Buyer Tips—Buying in a hot, Multiple-Offer real estate Market My last column dealt with multiple offers from the homeowner’s perspective. What about you Buyers? The big difference between the Seller and Buyer is the SELLER will reach their goals in quick order-attracting an offer(s) and selling t...
This week on "The Real Estate Hour" we are talking SOME real estate but a LOT of our favorite Xmas movie--"A Christmas Story". Trivia contest with three winners!Questions like: Why is this address significant to every fan of the movie: 3159 W. 11th Street, Cleveland, OH 444109 What is the name of...
I was at a Homeless symposium sponsored by our fifth district Supervisor Shirley Zane. One of the speakers was a Dr. from San Francisco who was managing the homeless shelters in that city. He spoke of the need for shelter for the homeless in very blunt terms. If we … View more give a homeless per...
The above graph shows a very startling number which should make every buyer or seller of Sonoma County "Bare" Land sit up and take notice. This graph show the MSI or Month's Supply of Inventory of land currently available. When we talk about MSI we need to put it into context. Most all real estat...

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