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Pt IIII   We finished by recommending a competent “Permit Consultant” to help your way through the maze that is the usual County bureaucracy. S/he can go beyond “level 1” searching of file  and dig deeper into the County records.The Consultant will make sense of what’s on record and KNOW the righ...
Buying Country or “Rural” Property PT 111     In Part I and II of “Buying Country or “Rural” property I explored the differences of a “Town” versus a “Country” property.  The major difference between Town and Country? Onsite “waste disposal systems” and “water supply” residing on the same propert...
PT11  Of my series on Buying Country Property.Note of reference--I'm writing this for a Northern California audience but reports of this kind happen across the nation. The names of some of the test or reports may be different and the county department may bear a differnent name. I'm in California...
Buying “Country Property” So you want to raise some chickens and things? Pt I of a Six part series.    I’ve  blogged previously on how to write a lean and mean offer that will stand-out from all others in a “Multiple-offer’ situation.  I gave techniques on writing offers with a minimum of inspect...
   Here in the greatest state of California, we use CAR Zip Forms for almost ALL of our transactions.  Our good attorneys at CAR try and keep us all out of trouble by giving us the most up to date contracts to use for our transactions. One of our goals is keeping the lender out of the deal. The s...
   Here in the greatest state of California, with looming legalization/cultivation of marijuana on the ballot, appraisers are pushing back on requests for appraisals where known growing is underway. Here’s Proposition 64 on the California ballot in a nutshell: Legalizes marijuana under state law,...
Many Buyers AND their Realtors, are still buying into the multi-offer, way over asking price market. I’ve been tracking our market here in the “Wine Country” of Sonoma County (2nd county above the “Golden Gate” and we are seeing a distinct “Shift”.  If you refuse to know your market numbers you a...
Housing is one of the BEST leveraged investment available---What is leverage? Ever heard of the term “other’s people’s money”? It’s what every investor strives for—low risk and exposure with the promise of higher rates of return. In today’s market homeowners can get into a home with as little as ...
It’s an age old curse of the sales profession—Buyer’s remorse! It is defined as a “deep and painful regret for a wrongdoing” or a “feeling of uneasiness or anxiety of the conscience caused by regret for doing something wrong”. Sound familiar? Every time I fall for the latest webinar on how to inc...
 Which CRM do you USE—NOT HAVE—But USE?! I currently use Top Producer 8i (TP) but sometimes find it clunky and over-whelming. Don’t know what CRM is? Here’s a great definition from relationship management (CRM) is a term that refers to practices, strategies and technologie...

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