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  I've been licensed since 1978 and have heard almost every Realtor "saying" (some would say BS!), euphemism, understatement and hyperbole which my years in the business would warrant! Today we are seeing new high tech and very “uber”-hip, trendy phrases entering the Realtor vernacular. We especi...
“So What can go wrong with our escrow?” Let me count the ways! ESCROW POTENTIAL DELAYS(My apologies for the formatting issues with this post--did not translate very well!) It is the wise client who prepares for problems before they happen! As a Realtor who has slogged through the real estate tren...
   So far the 2015 Sonoma County home selling and buying season has been a mixed bag. We have modest sales increases (+5% over last year at this time) but a median home price hitting a new post-recession high of $545,000-an increase of 58% over the past three years. However, we seem to be stuck a...
  Investors—Avoid BIG Capital Gains hits and GROW your equity—Recent equity gains can be built upon by using IRS 1031 Real Estate Exchanges-Part I   We are often asked by real estate investors if they should sell and take a capital gains hit (check with your tax professional on all matters regard...
Multiple offers? Sellers-How to avoid leaving thousands of $$$ on the table.  Due to our severely constrained inventory here in the “Wine Country” of Sonoma County, California, we are seeing multiple offers in the “hot” price points below our new median of $550,000. Not 10, 15 or 20  when the mar...
  Sonoma County selling and buying season here in the lovely "Wine Country" just an hour north of the "Gate" is flat with sales down 2% over last year but the bigger issue--Inventory! Usually March will signal the beginning of the "Selling" season by more homes coming onto the marketplace. March ...
Social Etiquette in Real Estate—“Would the Seller mind if I used the bathroom?”   This happened to me showing property one time. The Buyer’s teenage girl absolutely needed to use the bathroom. The buyer asked if this was o.k. and I said sure, go ahead. Remember that commercial where the "date" is...
  Ever said this to yourself lately about YOUR real estate market? Here in the gorgeous "Wine Country" of Sonoma, Napa and Mendocino Counties, some would say the "Holy Trinity" of wine making, our real estate market is experiencing a tight listing market which never really "launched" into the spr...
  Note the increase in new homes since December of 2014--marching nicely upward to March. But wait--isn't the "Spring/Summer" buying season mean an increase in new homes? So what gives? March is the highpoint so far this yeaer for "New Listings". It's been dropping ever since.  The exact opposite...
   The "red-hot" condo and PUD (Planned Unit Development) market in Sonoma County, California "Wine Country" is still roaring right along. The reason--affordability. With a county-wide median home price of $550,000, up +15% over last year, this marketplace is a bargain. However, the median home p...

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