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 The BIG LONG? One Realtors Opinion as to the longevity of the Sonoma County, "The Wine Country", California Real Estate Marketplace.  Both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac report decreasing default levels. The height of defaults in the pre-bust market hit 4.6% with Fannie and Freddie but today is in t...
  What really fries my butt (yes—that would be one hekuva fry pan!) are Realtors®/agents who keep a listing "off market” in the chances of selling it themselves "in-house" but then after no success place it in the MLS for the rest of us to now sell it for them! One listing just went on the MLS wi...
 I'm growing very weary of the phrase, "S/he was a Rock-Star! “As a guy who grew up in the 60's and actually REMEMBERS them, I recall being a "Rock-star" had certain negative connotations--like short life spans, promiscuous sex, rampant drug use and distain for hotel room furniture! And let’s not...
This is the latest "Housing Affordability" reports for the last quarter of 2015. Not looking good. Prosperity? Yes! Downsize? Monthly payment for the nation as a whole is $1100.00/month. My county of Sonoma (in pink) is almost 3 times the national average. But look at San Francisco, Marin (county...
  I've come across this before and want the AR caretakers  comments on this somewhat ghoulish question. What do you do when a Seller shows you his pet plot or "Pet Cemetary"? I've seen some older farms and ranch properties where there have been some mighty interesting cemetaries--not only "pet" b...
O.K. folks--let's all take a deep breath and start the mantra, "Interest Rates are still at historic lows", repeat, "interest Rates are still at historic lows"--Then please click on this link to read research by Berkshire Hathaway on the effect, perceived by the consumer, of the Fed Interest rate...
Here in the "Wine Country" of the North Bay of San Francisco, affordability is hitting "Crisis" levels.  We are seeing business groups openly asking the question--"Where will are people buy?" In our area as in many counties of the Bay Area our home affordability crisis is matched by soaring renta...
Here in the greatest state of California and the world-class "wine-country" region of Northern California , our prices lead the nation and seem to be originating in a galaxy far, far away! Our chief economist of the California Assoc. of Realtors (CAR) gave her annual real estate prognostication f...
  I've been licensed since 1978 and have heard almost every Realtor "saying" (some would say BS!), euphemism, understatement and hyperbole which my years in the business would warrant! Today we are seeing new high tech and very “uber”-hip, trendy phrases entering the Realtor vernacular. We especi...
“So What can go wrong with our escrow?” Let me count the ways! ESCROW POTENTIAL DELAYS(My apologies for the formatting issues with this post--did not translate very well!) It is the wise client who prepares for problems before they happen! As a Realtor who has slogged through the real estate tren...

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