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  I'm in the Multiple Listing Service that serves the City of Dallas and a number of the nearby bedroom communities.The number of Realtors who serve the area is about 17,000 and of those  14,500 or so are members of the Multiple Listing Service.It is always interesting to see how many listings ex...
One of the flaws of the US economic system is that it has never operated without some kind of slave labor. For this example, let's assume that slave labor is labor that depends on those who are economically unfortunate.  Those who manipulate and hire the unfortunate fit the broad definition of be...
STORY ONE: Last year, I co-oped with a selling agent who I assumed was a licensed broker.  For all practical purposes she represented herself as one.Her "company" bore her name as did her signs.What I found out was that, while she was certainly doing her best, she didn't really know what she was ...
A woman who I didn't know, called me a week or so ago at the suggestion of a mutual friend.The woman lives in California, but she and her husband had bought a Dallas home in a popular and hot 1930s section of bungalows. The MLS shows that they paid $425,000 for it; apparently it was a cash sale. ...
When I was a teenager, the advent of Top 40 Radio was just beginning. Prior to that time, there were less than 1,000 disc jockeys in the US.  And then with Top 40 came thousands. I was so enamored with broadcasting, that I weaseled myself into being a Top 40 disc jockey when I was 14, and being a...
I'll start....Nothing makes me crazier than bathrooms photographed with the toilet seat lid open, and kitchens with the counters full of stuff, and sinks with unwashed dishes.What are some of yours? BILL CHERRY, REALTORDALLASSince 1966214 503-8563
  President Abraham Lincoln was killed by John Wilkes Booth  on April 15, 1865 at the Ford Theater in Washington, D.C.  That was nearly 151 years ago. Who do you suppose now owns President Lincoln's grave at the Oak Ridge Cemetery in Springfield, Illinois?I don't know the answer because state law...
Muses from the Man in the Park It seems to me that one of the most cancerous events that has oozed into the professional real estate brokerage business since the beginning of time is the advent of the national FSBO web sites like Zillow, Truila and Refin.And I frankly don't understand why the reg...
Christina and Tarak El MouseaYou've surely watched Tarak and Christina El Mousea's HGTV program, "Flip or Flop;" perhaps, like me, you are so addicted that you watch the reruns.When I first entered the real estate business it was by accident.  I was a banker who was just out of graduate school.  ...
 When I first became licensed as a Texas Real Estate Broker in 1966, things were much different than they are now.Here are some examples:          Yard signs had only the name of the brokerage company, address and phone number.  The listing agent was not shown.          Everyone did dual agency, ...


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