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 Within the recent past and prior, utility companies in many states were regulated. One of the items those regulations addressed was what they could charge for their product and service. Texas was one of those states. About thirty years ago, a pitchman for the electricity providers was the speake...
  Benno Deltz A Young Man, His Kirwin Education, Mike Gaido’s Mentoring & the Fellow with the $50,000 By Bill Cherry  Galveston's Kirwin was a boys high school that was run by the Roman Catholic Christian Brothers. Dominican and Ursuline were the Catholic girls’ high schools. After Hurricane Carl...
 I often wonder if Realtors -- especially those who specialize in listings like I do -- understand that, in the main, the combination of listing and selling a home is very similar to an auction.  Each home is one of a kind, if you consider that there are many things that make it different from ot...
 Stay with me for a moment.   The greatest agent relationship of all times was that Jesus was an agent of God's.  Everything that He said and did was in the name of God, not in the name of Jesus. Many real estate brokers apparently don't recognize or accept that the agents who are licensed under ...
One of the troubling issues that seems to crop up a lot more than it used to, is finding myself doing a co-op sale with an agent who, frankly, doesn't know what he or she is doing. And I have found that it has little to do with the amount of business they handle every year, or whether they became...
   Real estate agents were often thought by their clients to have a substantially broader knowledge of homes and buildings than they did. "Is this foundation OK?" a client vack then might ask.  And the agent would probably respond, "It looks fine.  It doesn't appear to be unlevel." Of course the ...
                                The front side of one of my jumbo postcard mail-outs. There are a couple of agencies here in Dallas that spend many, many  thousands every month advertising themselves and their agents in fancy magazines. And then there are the national franchises that, in the main...
The other day, I posted a blog in which I mused how the NAR and the various member associations seem to have no particular competency requirements of members and no way to test their ability. (Yesterday's Blog)Perhaps I am wrong, but it appears to me that once you have satisfied the licensing req...
 The National Association of Realtors, which most residential agents and brokers are members of, has as its primary goal providing the ethical behavior it expects of members, and doing its best to make certain that the members follow them. I wonder if a case couldn't be made that it is unethical ...
It's interesting for old timers like me to reflect on how the residential brokerage business has begun to become fractured over the recent years. A good deal of that is the direct result of the creation and proliferation of real estate franchises. They were significantly helped in accomplishing t...


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