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Christina and Tarak El MouseaYou've surely watched Tarak and Christina El Mousea's HGTV program, "Flip or Flop;" perhaps, like me, you are so addicted that you watch the reruns.When I first entered the real estate business it was by accident.  I was a banker who was just out of graduate school.  ...
 When I first became licensed as a Texas Real Estate Broker in 1966, things were much different than they are now.Here are some examples:          Yard signs had only the name of the brokerage company, address and phone number.  The listing agent was not shown.          Everyone did dual agency, ...
 Bill Cherry1966Founded Companies in Houston's Museum Districtand in Galveston's East End Historic Districtand Strand Historic Business District. It is only the result of chance that after beginning as an English teacher, I found myself in the business department of three universities -- Universi...
I become more and more annoyed with the National Association of Realtors for allowing Truila and others top act, in many ways, as a real estate broker. If I am correct, there are no recognized residential Multiple Listing services that are not direct affiliations of an Association of Realtors. Ye...
I've never understood how or why our MLS information was licensed to be shared and used by sites like Truila that compete with us.Bad enough that they encourage sellers to go it alone without a seller's agent, but they also readily opine on subjects that they have no knowledge of.They offer to gi...
Donald B. Crawford, Jr., owns several radio stations, one is KAAM-AM 770 here in the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex. His paternal grandparents are credited with the idea of Christian broadcasting, many years ago.  His  grandfather was a minister.  Interestingly, the first broadcast on that station wa...
Rotary Founder, Paul HarrisFor decades, now, what we normally consider the mainline Protestant churches in America have been experiencing a decline in membership. Service clubs like Rotary, Kiwanis, Lions, even the Free Masons, have been experiencing similar declines. While, on the one hand, serv...
   When I was a young man just out of high school in 1958 , it seemed that almost every car, long past its prime, had multiple bumper stickers on it that read, "Lakewood Church An Oasis of Love." The standard joke was that it was those multitudes of "An Oasis of Love" bumper stickers that were ho...
 At sometime in my business career spanning more than fifty years, it became in vogue for companies to not only hide the names of their executives and their whereabouts, but even the names of their employees who deal with the public. Purposely, the public is forced to go through a lot of trouble ...
"You don't need a, take the secret combination of herbs. It's my new cure all elixir." Similarly, that claim spins far and wide on all night TV and radio stations. The pitch man is usually dressed in a doctor's lab coat, and does his best to pass himself off as a medical doctor. So...


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