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 For decades, we've known that maverick Open Houses have done little to sell homes, and that they are dangerous to the agent and to the property of the homeowner. I often wonder if lawsuits have entered the picture, filed by homeowners who suffered home damage, personal injury or thievery of pers...
Publicity Photo of Me AsThe Host of "American AirlinesMusic 'til" Dawn" - WWL-AMNew Orleans. 1958 Many years ago, as a fourteen-year old junior high student, I talked the owner of one of my hometown radio stations into letting me have a weekly, Saturday afternoon program.I quickly learned that th...
 My Original Business Sign - Circa 1966Offices in Houston and GalvestonMe at 30 -- Selling History It's really fun to read each year in REALTOR about the 30 Under 30 who have been picked as the year's remarkably adroit new Realtors.A long time ago, there was a story about me in that same magazine...
 Some things I just plain wonder about.  Here's one of them. How do many Realtors rationalize that it is OK to ring my client's doorbell and ask to show my listing?   "I'm showing my buyer clients some homes in this area, and we noticed the "For Sale" sign in your front yard.  Wonder if you would...
 I am often annoyed when I find myself standing in the checkout line at the grocery store or at, say, Home Depot or Lowe's. The problem is usually the same:  The store manager does not have enough lines open to handle the number of buyers.What gives there?  Or how about aisles at the store that a...
Sample of a home, used in this case for illustration purposes only. I like to look at listings that have expired.  I do it every morning, first thing. You see, here's what I think is the truth.  Houses do not fail to sell, especially in a hot market, because there was no one who would buy it. Hou...
Like it or not, the marketing of real estate is done in a pseudo-auction style.   If a listing works its best, it entices a high number of qualified buyers to visit it and consider it for their home. It is reasonable to assume that is the primary formula for the most prompt sale at the home's rea...
Sometimes I think we mightlook like this to the rest of the world A while back, a fellow called and asked me if I could figure out why his home hadn't sold.Fortunately, it wasn't my listing.  It was the listing of an agent with one of the prominent brokers here in Dallas who specialize in the mil...
 Here's what the letter says:Hey there!  We'd love to buy your house.  If you are at all thinking of selling your house anytime soonthen please give us a call at (214) xxx-xxxx.  We pay cashand can close whenever you want!  Also, we buy housesas is, so you don't need to do a thing.  Please give u...
 Texas has a long history and an attachment to a law that prohibits deeds, etc., from revealing the price a buyer paid for a real estate acquisition.Our deeds read, "For $10.00 and other consideration...." The actual price isn't noted.  Professional licensed agents, appraisers, etc., are allowed ...


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