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            I'd like to visit with you a moment, especially if you're in the market to sell or buy a home.                    In Texas, we have a required real estate form thats title is "Seller's Disclosure." Its purpose is to systematically get the seller to give information about the condition...
                                                                         INTRODUCTION You don't need to tell me that this is an over-worked subject.  What's interesting, though, is that most of what's been written has been by youngsters who have only been in the business for a short time or journ...
I don't think I've told you the interesting story of Hyman Goldman.Before he became Hyman Goldman, he was a sheva boy living in Russia. I don't know as I ever heard what his Russian name was.Sheva is the Hebrew word that means seven. "Sitting sheva" is a Jewish custom whereby the family and frien...
More than fifty percent of married Americans have been married at least once before.  Some were married for a short time to their first spouse, others for many years.  A problem of epidemic proportion grows exponentially among many of those families with each passing day.  Here it is in bold face...
Everyone called him Brother Fickett. By 1949, he had been the pastor of the First Baptist Church for next to ever. Before he was called to Galveston, he had been a mining engineer and smelter chemist and Sunday school teacher, all at the same time. Somewhere in there, teaching the word of God had...
It is all so curious.  It is all so curious where we are now.  Abusive relaxed credit underwriting sold many homes, and now those lenders are getting the opportunity to own them.  It was all so predictable.  The train was coming and no one wanted to believe it wouldn't stop in time.Before the gre...
THIS IS THE PICTURE STORY OF NOTED HOUSTON COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE BROKER                                                            JASPER E. TRAMONTE, CCIMCommercial Broker and Texan Jasper E. Tramonte, CCIM, at Tramonte Realty World Headquarters                                    Jasper E. Tram...
 ED BERNET'S LEVEE SINGERS TO PERFORM TUESDAY,AUGUST 28TH AT THE POCKET SANDWICH THEATERBY DALLAS REALTOR BILL CHERRY                                                THAT'S OLD ED ON THE BANJO Circa 1965Although he didn't know it until about a year ago, Dallas' Ed Bernet and I have been close frie...
DALLAS SALES REPORT  AUGUST 2007Area                            New Listings              Sold Listings               Average Sales PriceEast                             493                              292                              $ 201.471North                          194                  ...
THE SCIENCE OF SUCCESSWalter Wattles was a self-educated scholar.  His specialties were philosophy and religion. But he was primarily a lecturer and writer on the subject of attracting wealth to one's self, along with happiness and health.I remember reading Mr. Wattles when I was in college.  It ...


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