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Over the past week or so, I've been letting readers peek into our experiences as we've gone through the journey of doing extensive updating and repairs at World Headquarters.  I've posted our choice of electrician, framing contractor, dry wall contractor and air conditioning contractor. The idea,...
            Like most milestones of my life, music seems to play a close association with the events.  I never hear one of the Antonio Carlos (Tom) Jobim basa novas that I don't think of the Playboy Club. And in my memory, I'm 22-years old.             Hugh Hefner opened the first of his series o...
Since we have been living in our current Cherry World Headquarters in Dallas this past three years, I have hired and summarily fired seven plumbers.  Four were plumbing companies and three were plumbers who worked independently.  All were licensed. Three price gouged and the other four flat out l...
Drywall work.  Lots of us call it by the name given it by the first manufacturer of the stuff, Sheetrock.  It's supposed to replicate plaster in appearance and functionality, but it is not as expensive or time consuming to install and maintain. It's molded gypsum sandwiched between two pieces of ...
Updating along with taking care of deferred maintenance at our Dallas home continues.  But because it took so long and after a number of false starts to assemble the team to do the work, I vowed to share our findings with all of Dallas. In the previous two pieces, I told you about Mike the Electr...
Finding competent contractors and repair people in any large town is a serious task.  Dallas is no exception. As I explained in a recent post, Patty and I have had to have some major repairs and updating done to our home,  Uncovering contractors and repair people who would live up to our expecta...
Those of you who have read my pieces over the years know that my real estate career started by accident.  For those of you who don't, here are the Bill's Cliff Notes: I was a young banker and my wife was an accountant.  Adding our salaries together, we were barely getting by.  I found a book in t...
Several years ago, I learned that a real estate lien had been placed against a piece of property for a loan, and that the loan documents had not only been forged, but the forged signature had been notarized. I brought the matter to the attention of the District Attorney.  After some calls and inv...
Last week, I was kibitzing with one of my processor friends at a major title company.  A lot of files go through that office every month. I said, "How about This Lender and That Mortgage Broker," and from her experience she gave me the rundown on each of them.  I wanted to know whether they were ...
A while back, I co-oped with a listing agent whose license hangs with a well-known Dallas real estate firm.  It was obvious from the beginning that the agent not only knew the ropes, but practiced them.  Practiced them so well that I can say here and now that person has to be within the top five ...


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