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Bill Roberts writes about everything you need to make informed decisions regarding your financial well-being from utilizing your IRA, to buying a business, to managing your mortgage for tax advantages and net worth, to investing in land and other investment real estate
I Don't Miss The NFLIn days gone by my Sundays would be dedicated to watching football from earlymorning 'til late at night.  Three full games EVERY Sunday.I was getting a little tired of the NFL.  The owners are mostly a bunch of jerks.  Theteams belong to the owners, not the community where the...
The "One Hit Wonder"Back in the 1950s when I was growing up, I first heard the expression "one hitwonder."  It referred to a singer that had one hit record and then was heard from nomore.  There were a lot of them.And then in 1977 there was another "one hit wonder" but she WAS heard from again. A...
BEWAREIf you make this mistake you WILL regret it all the days of your lifeThe typical Retirement Planner's approach to YOUR RETIREMENT is predictable. He (orshe) will put your retirement assets (your money) into an annuity that will pay you acertain amount for a period of time.The challenge is t...
Highest and Best UseWhen appraising real estate, the MOST important aspect is the use to which theproperty is dedicated.Most people understand that a one bedroom, one bath shack in the neighborhood ofnice 3 bedroom, 2.5 bathrooms mini-mansions is not the highest and best use.But what about proper...
Thinking About Retirement?  Part IIOK, so you do want to retire eventually, and you have decided to seekthe aid of a Retirement Coach/ Wealth Coach to help get you there.The first thing you must do is get an initial consultation with a coach todiscuss where you ARE and WHERE you want to go.In pre...
I just spent another four days in the hospital.  it seems that because I have been asthmatic since childhood I am very susceptible to every bad thing that is floating along in the air. And there have been a lot of bad things in the air this year.Oh well, we all get sick from time to time. This is...
 Thinking About Retirement?Most Baby Boomers CANNOT retire. They just don't have enoughmoney set aside to provide a monthly income sufficient to pay all theirliving costs.And forget about Social Security. There is no way you can live on thepittance they give you.So you have reached out to a finan...
Sepsis? What the Hell Is Sepsis?In the middle of December I caught a small cold, or so I thought.Oh well, it would pass in a few days.But it didn't.And then I developed a urinary tract infection. It was obvious becauseof the pain and odor.Oh well, I've had that before too. No worry. It too would ...
     Mulligan StewSeveral years ago I made the decision to close my office and just workfrom home. Well, guess what? It didn't work for me. I realize that some agents can work from home, but my businessmodel requires meeting with both buyers and sellers face-to-face andat my office. I sell busine...
Trump Wins! What's Next For Us? It is time for me to dust off my trusty crystal ball. It has been sittinghere waiting on me to prognosticate about our future.So what is next?Well, you better get ready for the recession. It is coming on hard. But itwill be a traditional recession. It will be deep,...

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