Hoover Alabama is home to a most welcoming and happening library.  The 2009 Summer Calendar is full of activities for all ages and many interests.   In addition to the regular library books, computers, etc., the Hoover Library is home to Coffee-ol-ogy Coffee Café - a place to meet and eat as well...
Residential home sales for the month of March increased over those for February according to reports available through Birmingham MLS. The 1026 residences sold represented an approximate increase of 11.28 % over the number sold in February.  However, sales for March 2009 were down approximately 2...
In 2007 Alabama suffered a severe drought.  If today is any indication, we are off to a good start rainfall wise this year.  With late afternoon and evening flash flooding, rain fell at a rate of 5 inches per hour.  I got caught in the first round taking down open house signs...and for the record...
The answer to that question is "Maybe not as much as you think"!  As Alabamians, we have grown accustomed to being the brunt of jokes.  We often top the lists of the "Worst" and end up at the bottom of the lists of the "Best".  However, Birmingham, the largest city in Alabama has much to offer.  ...
According to news reports, several hundred people turned out at Hoover Alabama's Veteran's Park tonight for one of several "Tea Parties" held today around the Birmingham metropolitan area and across the United States. Residents were protesting "taxation without representation" and excessive gover...
I have not blogged very much in the last year or so, but am trying to spend more time here at AR these days.  I find a wealth of information here and am always interested in the opinions of others, as well as the market conditions in other areas.  I just realized that this is my 100thblog on AR. ...
It is officially a new month.  I am very anxious to see what the sales in our area look like for the month of March.  A this moment we are trailing February sales sightly, but it will take a while for all of the numbers to be in.  There are always sales that keep trailing in way after the closing...

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