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Dear World Class Performer:So far in our series of going from good to GREAT in your real estate business and diving into the five cornerstones of the Deal A Week Production Dynamic we have talked about URGENCY and INTERACTION. For more information on this program I invite you to visit www.100dayc...
Dear World Class Performer: "Don't work... NETWORK!!" Fred Wilson In my blog yesterday we outlined the first step in going from good to GREAT.....URGENCY - Making your career just this week. The second cornerstone of the Deal-A-Week program is INTERACTION. Once you enter the day with the firm bel...
Dear World Class Performer: We define great in real estate as selling a home or more each week. We believe this is a very doable goal. To help each of you achieve that goal and more we have put together a program called The Deal-A-Week Production Dynamic. If you go look at my blog titled, The Sec...
Dear World Class Performer: Yesterday I sat down with one of my top clients. He has already closed over a million dollars in commissions this year and has over $200 million in active listings with several big sales pending. He was sharing with me some of his basic philosophies about business. I h...
Dear World Class Performer: For the past 15 years I have been coaching some of the best real estate agents in North America. I have coached agents who have sold over 300 homes per year. I have coached agents who have made over $3.5 million per year. Most of my clients earn high six-figure to seve...
Dear World Class Performer: 15 years ago the sports world lost one of its true gentleman, Jimmy Valvano, to cancer. Jimmy V as he was known, coached in the college ranks for 19 years including winning a national championship in 1983 as the head coach of North Carolina State University. Right befo...
Dear World Class Performer:I may take some heat for this but why not?? This blog is not an indictment of any person or any training program. It IS an indictment of the idea that magic exists in a bottle!! I played four years in the NFL and played in one Super Bowl and I can tell you without quest...
Dear World Class Performer: Part of your success in this market is being a "market" expert. So I want to give you a pop quiz. For the markets you cover... Can you answer the following questions? 1. What is the median sales price of homes sold in your market? What % up or down from a year ago? 2. ...
Dear World Class Performer: Picking up where we left off in my blog of July 9th.... If you are going to ssurvive and hopefully thrive in this new market.... I would share the following thoughts with you... Realize today is the only day you have and today is the only day you can sell a home. You c...
Dear World Class Performer:At the risk of sounding too direct in this article…I want to start with the following background information….I want everyone to know that there is NEVER a lack of opportunity, only a lack of awareness and action. Opportunity is everywhere. This is a universal truth whe...

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