virtualtourcompany: How to do a Press Release for Your Business - 08/23/10 01:27 PM
When I first started up BlueLaVaMedia, a TC virtual tour company, I was always hearing from my customers and prospects, "I saw you in the paper." or "I heard your ad." If you're not hearing people say this about your company, or have not heard this in quite some time, you need to change that. In's been way too long since my last Press Release which I did last summer when we released our BlueLaVaMedia TxT Connect System. As a virtual tour & property marketing company you need to constantly keep an air of excitement around you and your company. … (2 comments)

virtualtourcompany: Trina Jackson Rocked The Shoot - 07/06/10 09:23 AM
Today Trina Jackson of Take Me There Virtual Tours (  rocked out a great Tour Track shoot!  Her fitness center images, shown here, had the RTV gang ooooh-ing and ah-ing.  These pictures are great examples of how windows should look. They are clear and bright, but not blown-out. The room itself does not look dark, despite the fact that there is so much outside light coming in. The equipment is crisp and clear. The angle is great and the picture is level.  Level pictures make the Tour Track Fairies happy, I’ll tell you what.  Nothing makes Melissa crankier than having to … (2 comments)

virtualtourcompany: The House Hunt is on! - 06/22/10 01:46 PM
iReact Media produces 360° virtual tours in Wilkes-Barre and all over Northeast PA (also known as NEPA). Whether you choose iReact Media or another company, here are some things to consider when preparing for your virtual tour. You’ve ordered your Wilkes-Barre virtual tour and now it’s time to get things ready. Prior to having your virtual tour produced it’s nice to give some basic information about the property and neighborhood. Let your virtual tour photographer know the little things that make this property unique. For example, there is a beautiful view of the sunrise/sunset from “this location” or this room is … (0 comments)

virtualtourcompany: Respect the Netiquette! - 06/22/10 01:44 PM
Netiquette – Online Etiquette – Mind your P’s & Q’s. Nova Scotia Virtual Tours provider, Supernova Studios ( offers 10 suggestions for on line etiquette – Netiquette. Before you jump into the deep end of the social networking pool, you may want to consider some simple rules of engagement. First impressions can be lasting "Netiquette" is network etiquette, the do's and don'ts of online communication. Netiquette covers both common courtesy online and the informal "rules of the road" of cyberspace Imagine the reaction you would get walking into a black-tie dinner dressed for a game of tennis. It's a fact that … (2 comments)

virtualtourcompany: Hot Springs Village Virtual Tours - 06/05/10 11:06 AM
Hello everyone from Hot Springs Village, AR.  The market is very slow here and we’ve had to make some (a lot) of concessions.  I thought I would pass on a couple of hints that have helped out our virtual tour company a lot.  Hint #1:  Our agents weren’t seeing the benefit to creating a virtual tour on houses that are either priced very low, or have small, boxy rooms.  One tact we’re taking to keep them working with us is the Video Tour.  For $25, we create their online video slide show tour for YouTube and Google, using their photographs and … (0 comments)

virtualtourcompany: Thanks for Your Continued Support RTV - 05/26/10 06:37 AM
A BIG THANK YOU!!  Thank you for your interest in my success as a provider of Southern Michigan virtual tours. I am, and will continue to working hard each and every day to become the #1 source for interactive 360 virtual tours in my Lenawee and Monroe County area. Your virtual tour support is awesome!  The virtual tour webinars are great!!  I have gained a wealth of information from the events  like your search engine optimization tips, social networking tips, link building tips, blogging tips, marketing tips, new virtual tour software technology updates from you, offers and more! I have been … (0 comments)

virtualtourcompany: Virtual Tours Don't Work! - 05/21/10 08:51 AM
A couple of recent incidents have prompted me to write this blog to address the efficacy of virtual tours and what they do and do not do.  Recently, a good client of mine over heard an associate of his make the comment “Virtual Tours don’t work”. Then has a tenant of a house that is for sale, I have had the opportunity to observe multiple Realtors show the home to perspective buyers. Observing these Realtors made me realize what the aforementioned associate may have meant and subsequently thought a Virtual Tour should do. While I observed the Realtors showing my house, … (2 comments)

virtualtourcompany: Create Your Personal Brand - 05/19/10 04:19 AM
I see so many virtual tour providers out there struggling to get their name and brand in circulation. Failing to turn the turn the corner in sales and reach out to that next group of customers that really kicks your business in overdrive.  Sure it's great to book ten to twelve tours a week but what if there was more than that out there for you?  What if I told you that you could get to 80 to 100 tours a month by your third year? Guess what you can!  It's not hard but you will need to start creating your … (0 comments)

virtualtourcompany: Virtual Tours in Calgary - 05/19/10 04:17 AM
I started my virtual tour business in 2005.  My REALTOR had just sold our home and he became my first V tour customer.  I couldn’t believe I was getting paid for work that I really enjoyed doing.  In order to build the virtual tour company though, I had to get organized.  That meant creating an image for my company with a logo, stationery, business cards, and flyers.  That took a little time, but it’s really worth it.  First impressions are important.  The other is to talk to REALTORS; go to their offices, and try to meet with the manager so you … (0 comments)

virtualtourcompany: Facebook is Serious Business! - 05/14/10 05:57 AM
Facebook Is Serious Business!Don't get caught up in the games!  
Fellow RTV Virtual Tour Dealers, Your time is precious and the busy season for virtual tour production is upon us! How are you spending your time? Greetings from Bridgewater Nova Scotia, Nancy Bain and Supernova Studios. Your Nova Scotia virtual tours provider, fellow dealer and RTV family member. I’ve been very fortunate to connect with many of you already on facebook. Each time I add a fellow RTV virtual tour Dealer, I file you to a “special” place on my Friends List I have created called RTV Dealers. I … (4 comments)

virtualtourcompany: Viva Las Vegas - 05/14/10 05:53 AM
With RTV What Happens in Vegas doesn't stay in Vegas but will translate into money in your pocket with new Choice orders across the country.  Pictured above is Ben Knorr working his magic at the Choice National Conference.  Last year, RTV pulled in almost $20,000 in new contracts and with Doug and Ben Knorr running the show we expect to double that this year! At RTV we do our best to put more money in your pocket and help you grow your business.  Thank you to all the virtual tour dealers who participate in the Choice photography program.  If you aren't … (0 comments)

virtualtourcompany: Photography Software Tips from PowerVision360 - 05/11/10 05:46 AM
Oh no! We're on a Tour Track job and we need to be in two places at once to take photographs of twilight/dusk. How can we accomplish this if there is not enough money to make multiple trips and we want to please both our client and Tour Track's client. Well, we'll just have to use Nik Software's complete package for Aperture, Light Room and Photoshop. For those of you who have a Nikon - they have a Nik Lite version called Nik Effects that can do the same things. No need to deal with masks, layers, brushes, levels, etc in … (2 comments)

virtualtourcompany: Ooops We Grew Again - 04/28/10 11:18 AM
As our virtual tour services, dealer network, and virtual tour technology offerings keep expanding we have added new staff to meet your needs.  Please welcome Megan and Melissa to team RTV. Megan Ebersole will be joining us in the camera setup department and will be your contact for new camera setups, rotator settings, and more.  Megan loves photography and has been involved in film photography for over 12 years.  She also has recently made the transition to digital photography with a Nikon digital SLR.  She is very customer service oriented which comes from her involvement in retail and other industries.  We … (1 comments)

virtualtourcompany: Best Virtual Tours in Dallas - 04/28/10 11:16 AM
If you are looking for the best Dallas Virtual Tours then look no more. Pro 360 Virtual Tours and Photography has now added Full Screen HD Virtual Tours to our product offering. Once you open one of our new HD virtual tours:, click the four arrows to the far right of the navigation bar to see this magnificent, 3 story loft with a rooftop deck overlooking downtown Dallas in Full Screen HD. In the past many Realtor's shied away from full screen virtual tours because they took longer to load. This tour loads just as quickly as our standard virtual … (0 comments)

virtualtourcompany: Must Love Blogs - 04/28/10 11:14 AM
Hello all you RTV virtual tour providers out there. I just wanted to say that blogs are a great way to boost your Google Juice as well as build quality back links to your virtual tour company website. So post on lots of relevant blogs (this one especially!!) as well as create your own virtual tour company blog and start blogging today. That is where our Milwaukee virtual tour company can help you. For all the real estate agents and businesses out there, we have launched another cutting edge product, our 360 Image Blog. Now we are offering a blog page … (0 comments)

virtualtourcompany: Say Hello to Dan the Man - 04/28/10 11:11 AM
This is a Three-Part Blog Leading Up To The Launch of a Colorado Springs Virtual Tour Company. It’s okay, go ahead and ask yourself the question.  I know I did.  What does a Rottweiler and eight days of house hunting have to do with virtual tours and Real Tour Vision?  My wife is military and while she was deployed in the Gulf, she was notified of orders to Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Well if you know anything about the military you don’t do much about a military move where money is concerned because the time you buy that dream house or find … (0 comments)

virtualtourcompany: If you Don't Ask...the Answer is NO! - 04/28/10 11:06 AM
My father has many wise sayings but perhaps the one that has stuck with me most is “If you don’t ask the question, the answer is no”.  This simple advice has been invaluable to me throughout my life and most importantly in my career in sales.  Living in the North Georgia mountains, we have decided to focus much of our initial prospecting for virtual tours on rental properties.  There are scores of cabins, bed and breakfasts and other vacation get-aways for us who would benefit from our services.  Getting started with a bang happened by chance.  I had run to the … (0 comments)

virtualtourcompany: Give me Some Dirt - 04/28/10 11:05 AM
Dear Sharon, I'm considering starting up a virtual tour business.  What can you tell me about RTV? Thanks for your reply, Randy Hi Randy, I started with RTV 3 years ago this spring.  I bought the 200 tour package because I knew I would use them eventually.  I was buying my second 200 tour package in about 8 months.  I think I've bought a couple more 200 pkgs since then, not sure how many exactly.  It's a lot easier now because you don't have to purchase that many to get the $10.00 rate.  In fact after you do 120 tours you … (0 comments)

virtualtourcompany: We LOVE RTV HD Tours! - 04/28/10 11:00 AM
Hi Jason, We are planning to expand our British Columbia virtual tour company real soon. In fact we are looking for more virtual tour photographers in other areas like Kelowna, all of Lower Mainland, Whistler, Squamish, Chilliwack, etc,. so if you will get any interest please let us know right away. This coming week we will be purchasing 200 tours to take advantage of your 200 for 50 FREE. You guys are awesome! Our clients are thrilled with our new HD Full Screen tours, so we are ALL heading in the right direction! It really does make a difference! Our competition … (2 comments)

virtualtourcompany: HD Virtual Tours are SOOOOO Easy to Make! - 04/28/10 10:53 AM
Hey Jason...I just wanted to let you know that I love the new HD Virtual Tours. They look AWESOME!!!!!!  I have upgraded several of my existing virtual tour already and still can’t believe how easy it is. After you do a couple, it really only takes another 10-15 minutes to add HD. You guys really hit a Home Run!!! Thank You for all your support. I still would like to see an Agency Gallery if you are looking for any new projects. Thanks again and Go Team RTV!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jim Kopcho Newark Virtual Tours Order a virtual tour: 740-624-3368

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