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Many professionals use efax, myfax, etc. for incoming fax to email service.  What surprises me is how many users are unaware that these services can ALSO be used for "paperless" productivity by creating digital files for storage on your desktop.Everyone knows that when you get an incoming fax / e...
Technology is a wonderful thing, but only if you understand how to use it.  For many professionals, keeping on top of technology is challenging, time-consuming and often counterproductive to taking care of the business at hand.  How then, do we manage to "be all" and "know all" without jeopardizi...
We live in a world where paper dominates so much of our lives that we become overwhelmed and our productivity quickly begins to suffer.  In short, chaos breeds ineffectiveness and we need to be effective in order to succeed.Every piece of paper, every phone message and every email, carries with i...
 THE WORLD IS GOING DIGITAL!   ARE YOU READY??? For anyone wishing to finally enter the 21st century of Document Imaging, Digital Documents, File Sharing, Electronic Records Management and all the cost-saving advantages that go along with... DOCUCHIVE would like to extend to you an invitation to ...

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