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Revealing Assets has been Staging properties of all types/sizes in Edmonton, Alberta and surrounding areas since 2009 with a consistent track record of success. Professional Home Staging is an absolutely invaluable tool that, statistically, yields between 298%-500% ROI (return on investment). When providing Home Staging services to our clients (home-sellers, REALTORS, Real Estate Investors/Flippers, Builders), it is our undying goal to do everything within our power to help get their property SOLD in the shortest time-frame possible for the largest amount of money possible. Here, in our ActiveRain Blog, you will find Home Staging Tips and some crazy stories. Enjoy and thank you for stopping by!



WHOA, HORSEY!! This blog post discusses the seller’s knee-jerk reflex when it comes to “low-ball” offers on their properties. The first thing I will point out is that I am a Home Stager, so pricing, negotiating, or any part of the sales process is simply not within the scope of my profession. Th...
Are you finding that you often forget which holiday season we are actually in the midst of? Does it take a grocery trip to Safeway and seeing the Valentines candy already out for sale to realize that it may be time to end Christmas at home? How many of you had to physically remove Halloween deco...
Over the past few years, we have seen a rising trend of buyers seeking out the “Move-in-Ready” properties. This is largely due to the fact that people are becoming more and more time-deprived. But, also, due to large amounts of inventory on the market at all times, buyers can simply be a lot mor...
Janice Ankrett wrote this amazingly articulate, yet blunt, post regarding one of the most common objections Home Stagers hear regarding our services. I am an avid reader of her blog due to the fact that I find we share many of the same ideas and philosophies. I won't ruin her post, so please read...
Or are you quick to realize that more efficiency comes from doing it the other way around? Do you pull on a door that is sporting loud signage stating “Push”? Do you walk backwards downhill? Do you paint expansive walls with a brush rather than a roller? And my favourite, do you choose to drive ...
  It is no mystery that a de-cluttered property shows much better than a cluttered one. Where the mystery lies is inside of each unique individual’s personal definition of clutter. And, here is where the line gets severely blurred. Most of us define clutter as scattered piles of miscellaneous “th...
  Professionally Educated Home Stagers are trained to delve into the psyche of the buyer, how to identify specific target-markets for each unique property, and know how to tweak the presentation of each individual property for optimal results. Let’s think of all the assorted reasons a buyer would...

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