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If you are thinking of purchasing a home or property in the Vancouver Wa or Portland OR. area you need to call Dan Bradstreet NOW!. There are some great deals on homes right Now and I have the time and expearience to help you find that home right now.    Distressed Property List
What Kind of responce can I expect from newspaper advertising and is it really worth the cost. Should the realtor pay for the adds or can I expect the seller to pick up the tab.  There are many different kinds of newspaper adds, for instance would an Open house add actually bring visitors and if ...
Most realtor websites do search all homes for sale in there perspective multiple listing area. However if your searching in an area not primary to the Agent your searching thru you could not be shown a lot of homes that are for sale. Being able to view only those homes listed from other agents in...
I have a great Vancouver Wa property that just does not have the curb appeal needed to even get prospective buyers in the door. Agents set up showings only to have their buyer pass before ever setting foot on the property.   What could help .......       "blind fold the buyers untill they are in ...
Have you ever wanted to see your website or page URL displayed on the first page of google,Yahoo or MSN. If you stick to some simple basic rules when building a page you should see some good results. Your title is the most important metatag for your page, when chosing a title make sure it is less...
This question seems to be asked frequently  If I did use a note when should the note be due and what do I do If the buyer does not redeem the note on time. Is the note redeemable if the buyer defaultsWho collects the money "check" to replace the note. Does a note have to be redeemed on or before ...
Q: Should I require my real estate agent  to hold a brokers open or would a regular open house get more exposure. A: A brokers open would get more real estate agents thru your home, especially if the brokers open is held in unison with other homes for sale in your Neighborhood listed by other com...
0 down as we know it in the past is going to be gone starting Oct 1 2008. It's true they "the lenders" want skin in the game, The home buyers will have something to lose. Or will They?
How could this Fannie Mae Freddie Mac takeover affect Real Estate prices and could this really cause interest rates to go higher? How can this affect home buyers, Will home foreclosure sales be more of a influance on sales prices than they already are? Will Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae be no more o...
What can I expect to pay for staging Homes for sale and is it really worth the cost. Should the realtor pay for staging  "ME" or can I expect the seller to pick up the home staging tab.Can staging really help sell a home or would the money be better spent on advertising?  Newspapper, homebook or ...

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