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People from out of town ask the darndest things!  The #1 question that always makes me smile..."Does that home have air conditioning?"Air conditioning?!  In Laramie?  Ha ha ha ha ... you are kidding, ....right?!?  Oh, you're not?!  Yes, there are a few homes in town with actual, whole-house air c...
They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I suppose art is that way, too.  So it was with an open mind that I accompanied our children on a field trip to Laramie's latest installment of Sculpture, A Wyoming Invitational,  in June of 2008. Seriously?!  Was this a practical joke?  The art...
We had the pleasure today of being one of the many downtown Laramie businesses handing out candy to a huge swarm of trick or treaters.  It was so fun -  costumes abound!  Not just for the little ones but for the  Moms, dads, friends, family, and business owners too! We dressed up as Real Estate S...
Yikes!  You've signed an agreement to have a  REALTOR  help you market your home.  You cleaned up and  made everything, neat,clean and sparkly.  Finally, your home is out there . . . or so you thought.  When you looked for your house online, you found no pictures, or just one picture, or worse ye...
Two brief snowstorms under our belt and the temperatures are getting cooler.  The sprinklers have been blown out the and the lawn mower put away.  Guess it is time to embrace the inevitable arrival of winter. Really, though, it's not so bad!  I'm looking forward to snowy, chili and cornbread days...
Earnest Money is an advance deposit a buyer submits with their offer to purchase a property.  It says " Pick me! I am earnest, I am acting in good faith to make a legitimate offer on your property."   While 1% of the purchase price is often the suggested amount of earnest money to include with an...
I got such a big kick out of the unexpected appearance of this phone at a visitor's station in the middle of the forest. I suppose there was a time that if you needed to make a call while out in the wilderness that this would have been your only option.  It's unimaginable to believe that that tim...
Woo hoo, closing day is almost here!  You've worked hard with your lender and real estate agent to make it all happen.  You've had  your financial history exhumed all the way back to  the payout on your first lost tooth.   Finally, you hear the magical words "Clear to Close".....  So, enough alre...
Fall in the mountains... Laramie, Wyoming: Live in Laramie Real Estate Some photos, while striking in and of themselves, tell a deeper tale to the people who were there when the photo was taken.  This photo, taken by my oldest daughter, tells the tale of a parent's unrelenting love and belief in ...
Watching Over Tract #216 at Wild Horse RanchI've listed quite a few properties out at Wild Horse Ranch over the years.  This, however, has to be my all time favorite listing photo. It was August of this year, 2017, and it seemed when I went out to photograph this property that this fellow had app...

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