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203K Renovation loans are an amazing tool in this market.  This is by far the only loan that allows you to buy a house that is in less than perfect condition, then tack on money to fix it up and package it all in one nice loan with only 3.5% downpayment.  Not to mention, it allows you to go to 11...
By and large, Contractors are a tradesmen, some better businessmen then others, but nonetheless, the primary need is for them to be good at what they do, their trade.  When we, as comsumers/homeowners, need to find a contractor to do a renovation job for us and we utilize the FHA 203k loan proga...
What to do with a Kitchen Renovation....??? Hmmm...   Most people have this idea in their heads that a 'Complete Kitchen Renovation' costs $25,000.00 minimum and even MORE all the bells, whistles and good stuff!  Bollicks!   In my experience, both as a lender and builder, you can, EVEN AS A HOMEO...
Initial inspections by the HUD consultant can sometimes be overwhelming...   "Seems like a lot more work than we expected!"...  This may be the case... but not always.   Remember, this estimate is just that ..  AN ESTIMATE!  If you find a contractor that has given you a price, OR you take the Con...

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