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Our experience with purchased leads have found that it takes more time initially and throughout the client support process rather than when the lead comes from a loan originating referral partner.  As we all know, TIME IS MONEY, and all the additional time it takes in explaining the process, pric...
  Let's face it, a successful credit repair company is an effective credit repair company and the only way to properly dispute innacurate and unverifiable information on a credit report is with custom correspondence. Please do not do the following as it does NOTHING to increase the effectiveness ...
TITLE 5. PROTECTION OF CONSUMERS OF FINANCIAL SERVICES  CHAPTER 393. CREDIT SERVICES ORGANIZATIONS SUBCHAPTER A. GENERAL PROVISIONS   Sec. 393.001.  DEFINITIONS.   In this chapter: (1)  "Consumer" means an individual who is solicited to purchase or who purchases the services of a credit services ...
Credit Repair Business Software HTDI Tracker -    Private Labeled. Login access. Sales CRM.  Calling Prospects with HTDI Tracker Credit Repair Software  HTDI Tracker Toolbar     Speedy and Superior Client Management System Access clients within a matter of seconds    WebCMS...
Credit Repair Business Software and Dispute Outsourcing National Association of Credit Services Organizations, or NACSO HTDI TrackerTM - Private Labeled Credit Repair Business Software
Florida - Credit Repair Laws CREDIT SERVICE ORGANIZATIONS 817.7001  Definitions. 817.7005  Prohibited acts. 817.701  Surety bonds; exemption. 817.702  Statement to buyer. 817.703  Information statement. 817.704  Provisions of contract. 817.705  Waivers; burden of proof; penalties. 817.706  Action...
Software: Nearly twice a month, the HTDI Tracker software has new features mostly generated from ideas from the companies that use it. Unlike the other credit repair software companies we develop your system on your own domain. Your system does not use the same SQL tables as another company. Some...
North Carolina - Credit Repair Laws Credit Repair Services Act. § 66‑220.  Short title and purpose. (a)        This Article shall be known and may be cited as the Credit Repair Services Act. (b)        The General Assembly recognizes that many of its citizens rely heavily on favorable credit rati...
State Oral Written Promissory Open-ended Accounts State Statute: Open Accounts AL 6 6 6 3 §6-2-37 AR 3 5 5 3 §16-56-105 AK 6 6 3 3 §09.10.053 AZ 3 6 6 3 §12-543 CA 2 4 4 4 §337 CO 6 6 6 3 §13-80-101 CT 3 6 6 3 §52-581 DE 3 3 3 4 §2-725 DC 3 3 3 3 §12-301 FL 4 5 5 4 §95.11 GA 4 6 6 6 ** §9-3-25 H...

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