lead generation: Get Involved and Get Noticed - 09/21/16 07:26 AM

We all have the ability to give back to our community in some way. Writing a check may be the most expedient way to give, but it may not be the most noticeable or impactful.
Instead, consider becoming actively involved in your community.
Reputation does matter, and you can positively affect yours by:
attending local events and fundraisers;
volunteering for good works projects;
sponsoring a project or event of your own.
Benefits of being active
By being out in public you are creating connections that may generate leads down the line, but, more importantly, you are creating goodwill in the community for you and … (23 comments)

lead generation: Diversify Your Communication Channels - 09/14/16 04:43 AM
        Story time. Last week I was sending emails to colleagues from my desk – which I consider my point of world control. I needed answers and wasn’t receiving them.
When we finally managed to meet in person I learned that many of our team leaders have so many emails coming in that they are not even answering them anymore!
They have to filter through their overflowing inboxes and only respond to those that stand out. We had to develop a different way of talking with each other – texts for one, in-person drop-ins for another.
Lesson learned that day? The email … (37 comments)

lead generation: Practice Makes Perfect Business: The Importance of Scripts - 09/08/16 04:03 AM

Have you ever had this experience?
You get on the phone with a client or prospective client and all of a sudden words fail you?
Yeah. It happens to everybody.
But it doesn’t have to.
That’s where scripts come in.
Scripts can be for any kind of contact: on the phone or leaving a voicemail, in person, via email – even knocking on a door. Having scripts is a way to ensure you get your message across succinctly, professionally and personably.
When you are well-practiced with scripts you’ll be prepared for cold calls, elevator speeches and client objections. No more will words fail you.
A little apprehensive of … (25 comments)

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