decorate: 10 Steps to a Well-Designed Room - 07/17/08 08:32 AM
1.  Find a purpose.
First, determine exactly how you want to use the room in question.  Do you want a great room that combines dining, television, and family space?  Or do you have extra rooms and want one casual family room and one formal living room?  A room's purpose should be one of the strongest considerations when choosing a decorating scheme.
2.  Consider others.
Who will use this space?  Guests, family, children, pets, or any combination of the above?   Always consider a room's occupants when selecting finishes and fabrics.  For example flat finish paints and silk slipcovers might be … (2 comments)

decorate: Rolling Rings Beat Out Shower Hooks - 06/27/08 07:40 AM
A seemingly small indulgence, rolling shower curtain rings can make a massive difference in bathrooms of any size.  These rings make opening and closing the shower curtain a smooth, streamlined, and luxurious movement. The basic metal design lasts a long time and is an elegant alternative to plastic shower rings that often stick or break.  You can find them at most hardware and home improvement stores, design stores, and big chains for between $11 and $15 for a pack of 12 rings.  Available in a variety of metal finishes including gold, bronze, silver, and chrome, these metal rolling rings showcase beautiful … (2 comments)


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