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As a Realtor I would like everyone to think of the Tacoma area as a great place to live. There are countless army (Ft. Lewis) and air force personnel (McChord AFB) that live in this part of Washington. Today's events puts a cloud on that thinking.  Hopefully justice will prevail.  
With the Holidays having officially started, I like to take this time of year to plan my strategies for the coming year. I don't mean "New Year's Resolutions", I mean business and personal planning. I like to break the upcoming year into quarters, and set goals accordingly.  I've found that despi...
One question that seller's often ask an agent during a listing interview is "how are you going to market our property?" Of course the standard response is flyer's, Internet, virtual tours and the like. One thing I throw into the mix is that I target top producers and good agents that I've done bu...
On occasion I've been approached by an agent seeking advice as how to best handle a scenario involving either a buyer or seller that is not one of our own transactions. The scene plays out something like this,  (sic) "I have a friend who just bought a home and the seller's being unreasonable with...
If you have a property that has decent exposure (i.e. off a major road) and a seller who is flexible - or even better a home that is vacant; try doing a spontaneous open. Instead of planing ahead, running an ad that may or may not get results, and counting on the weather to cooperate, I find that...
We're excited to announce that our companies listings are available for you and your clients to view on Youtube. What's different about our "system" is that we have our own page on Youtube that is automatically uploaded every 24 hours or so. The ""system" converts still photo's into a virtual tou...
Capitalists around the world should rejoice over the news that the Ford Motor Company is making head-way in emerging from a three-year makeover. According to the Associated Press, Ford is looking for things to improve over the next couple of years. I applaud their decision to not fall into the tr...

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