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Most new homeowners buy with potential re-sale in mind.  In fact, it is crazy not to purchase with at least the thought of resale in mind.  With that said, many new home owners want to know what they can do today, that will make their home more marketable tomorrow (or in 5 years).  So here we wil...
With 12 years in the real estate industry and 4 years of growing a high producingreal estate team, I have been asked by many agents in the Triangle area what it takes to succeed in this industry. This experience and a very curious nature has led me to a study of what it is that makes some agents ...
4 Mistakes First Time Home Buyers in Raleigh NC MakeThe home buying process in Raleigh North Carolina can be difficult to navigate without an experienced agent in your corner.  If you are a first time home buyer in Raleigh, it can be even more challenging.Below are my top 5 pitfalls to avoid when...
 5 must know tips when buying a home in the North Carolina Triangle 1.  Don't Accrue DebtThe smallest purchases on a credit card can dramatically alter your buying power.   I have seen well qualified buyers lose the home of their dreams over the purchase of a new couch prior to closing.  There ar...
If you are new to the Triangle or Raleigh area then there is no doubt that you have asked yourself "Where is The Historic Oakwood Neighborhood in Raleigh"?  When I moved here, it took months to figure out where everything was.  I would intentionally get myself lost, just to try to find areas.  Ho...
The July 2015 Market Report for Raleigh is out, and the numbers are looking strong. View Bruce Hill's Market Videos Market VideosIf you are thinking of selling your home, market times are low and values are climbing.  If you are thinking of buying, prices are climbing!  Most experts predict that ...
Raleigh's Five Points neighborhood is one of the more trendy and desirable areas in the city.  With an eclectic mixture of old town charm and a progressive trends of up and coming eateries and bars, the Five Points neighborhood is certain to give everyone something to enjoy.    What to do in Rale...
Welcome To The Raleigh Neighborhood GuideOver the next several blogs we are going to dive into some of the most popular neighborhoods in Raleigh.  My objective here is to lay out a guide for those of you who are moving to the area, or those who are existing residents  wanting to learn more about ...
What is the fastest way to sell a home in Raleigh, NC? This is a question that real estate agents in Raleigh North Carolina get all the time.  The average person in Raleigh knows several real estate agents, and naturally you would think that all agents would be able to answer that question.  It s...
I've had several people ask recently... Do you really GUARANTEE that you can sell my home in 29 days or less in Raleigh North Carolina?  The answer to that is quite simple.  YES!The Bruce Hill 29 day guarantee in Raleigh isn't like a lot of these other "Agent Guarantees" that are out there.  Most...

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