buyer agent: 5 Tips on Making Your Home More Attractive to Buyers - 05/21/12 06:26 AM
As Exclusive Buyer Agents who work with home buyers on a daily basis, we're very familiar with what appeals to buyers when viewing homes for sale. Some relatively inexpensive improvements can go a long way to making your home more attractive to buyers.
Tip # 1 Out of Order No potential buyer wants to be faced with repairs, even minor ones, right off the bat. Make sure your home's basics (i.e. plumbing, electric, foundation, roof, furnace, A/C, windows, doors) are all in good, working order. If you want top dollar and quality buyers, fix that broken gutter and replace that rusty … (3 comments)

buyer agent: Benefits of an Exclusive Buyer Agent - 05/14/12 11:59 PM
Discover the benefits of buying a home with an exclusive buyer agent Why do you need an exclusive buyer agent when buying a home or condo in Sarasota, Florida? Watch our video on the benefits of exclusive buyer agents for home buyers and real estate investors around the world.

If you are interested in buying real estate in Sarasota, Florida, contact us today (941) 918-1956. As highly qualified and experienced Exclusive Buyer Agents for Sarasota real estate, we've helped home buyers and real estate investors around the world discover and purchase the very best homes for sale, waterfront properties, beach houses, maintenance-free condos, properties in … (0 comments)

buyer agent: "Who's Who" When You're Buying a Home? - 04/30/12 02:01 AM
  When buying a home, it's important to know all the players involved. Do you know the difference between a home inspector and a home appraiser? Between a mortgage lender and a mortgage broker? Between a real estate agent and an exclusive buyer agent? If not, we hope this helps...
1) Mortgage Broker / Mortgage Lender: A mortgage broker has no money to lend. Instead, a broker reviews your finances with you, and then shops around for the best lender / loan for your for your specific circumstances.  A mortgage broker should be able to offer you a wide range of financing options. However, since mortgage brokers work on commission, they charge a fee (points). 

buyer agent: Top 8 Reasons to Choose an Exclusive Buyer Agent - 04/12/12 03:47 AM

Here are our top 8 reasons to choose an Exclusive Buyer Agent to represent your interests when buying a home or real estate investment.
1. EBAs, who work solely for buyers, are 100% loyal to you from the onset of the relationship through the closing.
2. EBAs, who represent only 1% of all real estate firms nationwide, are true specialists in the buying process.
3. EBAs, who never work with sellers, never have a conflict of interest between you and a seller. 
4. EBAs, who never accept listings, will show you any listing from any seller with complete candor - including For Sale … (16 comments)

buyer agent: Water Club - Longboat Key Real Estate - 06/24/10 11:06 AM
Water Club - Longboat Key Real Estate
Water Club is a two building condominium complex on the Gulf of Mexico in Longboat Key, Sarasota County, Florida. It offers many resort style features such as an Olympic sized swimming pool, tennis courts, clubhouse and all the pampering you've come to expect!
Conveniently located near world famous St Armands Circle and downtown Sarasota, Water Club is a favorite among Sarasota real estate connoisseurs. Be sure to use a Sarasota buyer agent to protect your interest whenever purchasing Longboat Key real estate.

buyer agent: Marina Tower - Sarasota real estate - 06/24/10 05:40 AM
Marina Tower - Sarasota real estate
I'm pleased to announce I have just added a great post about Marina Tower on my new Sarasota real estate web site. Marina Tower is a downtown Sarasota condominium with a fantastic location in close proximity to everything! Always remember to use a Sarasota buyer agent when purchasing real estate to protect your interests!

buyer agent: What is an Exclusive Buyer Agent? - 02/13/10 01:51 AM
An exclusive buyer agent is one that only represents buyers. Any real estate agent can claim he's a buyers agent, while at the same time working for sellers and taking listings. But an exclusive buyers agent never represents sellers or list properties on the MLS or by any other means.
In order to be a true exclusive buyer agent, an agent must work for a exclusive buyer agency. This is a brokerage that simply does not take listings or ever work for sellers.
There are many reasons for home buyers to use an exclusive buyer agent. One of the most notable … (1 comments)

buyer agent: What is REBAC? - 02/13/10 12:51 AM
REBAC is the Real Estate Buyers Agent Council, an affiliate of the National Association of Realtors. REBAC offers two professional real estate designations: Accredited Buyer Representative(ABR) and Accredited Buyer Representative Manager(ABRM). Both of these designations provide for a higher level of education for agents and brokers for are proficient in buyer agency.
Having earned both of these buyer representation designations has helped me hone my skills in the field of buyer agency and helped True Real Estate in Sarasota thrive!

buyer agent: What is an ABRM? - 02/13/10 12:40 AM
An Accredited Buyer Representative Manager is a designation earned by real estate brokers and managers who have first earned their ABR, then complete the rigorous ABRM course and pass the exam. They must also demonstrate their management capabilities and as broker, provide documentation of their management experience.
The ABRM designation is presented by REBAC, an affiliate of the National Association of Realtors.
I was proud to earn the ABRM designation as very few real estate professionals will ever achieve this level of expertise in buyer representation.

buyer agent: What is an ABR? - 02/13/10 12:12 AM
What is an ABR?
An Accredited Buyer Representative is a real estate designation presented by REBAC(Real Estate Buyers Agent Council), an affiliation of the National Association of Realtors. Licensed Realtors who take the comprehensive course and pass the exam, can earn this designation, the holy grail of buyer representation.
Candidates learn the essential of working with buyers to provide a cutting edge level of service.
Caveat Emptor! Home buyers should be aware that not all ABR's are exclusive buyer agents. In fact, most of them are not, meaning they also work for sellers and take listings as any conventional real estate … (2 comments)

buyer agent: Find a Great Sarasota Agent - And Stick with Them! - 11/20/08 01:25 AM
Find a Great Sarasota Agent - And Stick with Them!
In past blogs, I have addressed many popular myths regarding short sales and foreclosures, representation, and more regarding Sarasota real estate. The simple truth is that home buyers are not aware, for the most part, of the complexities inherent in every phase of the process - from searching to closing.
One issue I feel compelled to speak of regards employing more than one real estate agent when looking for a home. On the surface, it would seem that working with multiple agents might multiply your chances of finding the perfect place. But in reality, you might be inadvertently causing … (0 comments)

buyer agent: Golf Communities in Sarasota, Florida - 11/11/08 07:37 AM
Golf Communities in Sarasota, Florida
While many people are drawn to Sarasota real estate for its beaches, boating and fishing...just as many come for the golf. While its true that the die-hards play golf in any weather (I know - I've been to England!) - why suffer? Sarasota offers great golfing year round.
There are enough courses in Sarasota to keep any level of golfer busy. From public to semi-private to private - Sarasota has it all. Golfing all day still isn't enough for you? Sarasota real estate is repolete with options to live directly on the 7th tee - or … (0 comments)

buyer agent: As-Is Sales Benefit Sarasota Buyers - 11/06/08 03:07 AM
As-Is Sales Benefit Sarasota Buyers
Often a client will ask if the fact that a home is being sold "as-is" should be a red flag. Is the seller trying to hide something?
That may be the case, although I tend to doubt it. A more likely scenario is simply that the Seller doesn't want a prospective buyer "nickel and diming" them down off an agreed upon sales price for minor issues. They don't want to have to worry about handling these repairs, if found. Very often, there is nothing wrong with the home at all.
Sarasota home buyers should see the "as-is" clause as an advantage … (0 comments)

buyer agent: Sarasota Buyer Brokers Negotiate for You - 08/30/08 02:43 AM
Sarasota Buyer Broker
As a Sarasota buyer brokerage, our buyer agents do not tell people what to offer on their desired home. But we do offer as much guidance and information as we can, in order to make sure the buyer of a Sarasota home never pays too much.
A fallacy when writing an offer is that there is a set amount we can "lop off" the list price. As a matter of fact, we try to not consider the list price when looking at what is a fair offer. More important indicators include:
1) Latest assessed value - while this is a good … (0 comments)

buyer agent: Looking at Sarasota Real Estate? Let a Buyer Agent Help! - 08/22/08 08:41 AM
Sarasota Buyer Agent
In Sarasota, we have the unique opportunity to work with buyers from all over the world. This is a destination for investors, snowbirds, and vacation home buyers.
As many people are searching Sarasota properties from afar, having a local buyer brokerage assisting them is of great importance. Even those who have been here before, or think they "know" Sarasota can benefit from the knowledge and up-to-the-minute market information. For instance:
* Buyers searching the MLS for Sarasota real estate in a certain neighborhood will find some beautiful homes, only a few years old. What they DON'T know, is … (0 comments)

buyer agent: Sarasota Real Estate - Tax Rates - 07/20/08 10:16 AM

Sarasota real estate taxes
I am often asked "How can properties right next door to each other have such vastly different tax rates?" or   Can you find me a Sarasota home in my price range where the taxes are lower?
This is probably one of the most confusing issues to Sarasota home buyers. They see one condo unit with $1,000/year taxes, and another with $3,000/yr taxes - but they are the exact same unit. The natural inclination is - I'll take the one with lower taxes! Unfortunately, it doesn't work like that. Here in Florida, your tax rate is established when … (0 comments)

buyer agent: Accredited Buyer Representative, ABR, Sarasota, Florida - 06/10/08 08:55 AM
Accredited Buyer Representative, ABR, Sarasota, Florida
William True, Broker, True Real Estate of Sarasota has added the ABR designation (Accredited Buyer Representative) to his name.
Why should you look for the ABR designation before looking for a home? The ABR Designation is awarded by REBAC  to those REALTORS who have met the specific educational criteria and experience needed to provide the high level quality service required by REBAC (Real Estate BUYER'S AGENT Council) for Buyer Agents.
William True and True Real Estate provide professional exclusive buyer agent services to Sarasota, Siesta Key, Longboat Key, Venice, Osprey, Nokomis, Lakewood Ranch & Lido Key.
To … (0 comments)

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