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We had a hear wave to day.16+ degrees.It felt like summer except for the wind.WE got 3 inches of snow and still snowing.Tomorrow it is back into the deep freezeWe are not seeing record temps, just a prolonged   below qverage temps.But as I looked, spring is just a coupld pages flipped in the cala...
It was a very intense game at the end.Th vikes dominated the Saints in the 1st half 17-0. But the Saints woke up in the 2nd half and made it a real game. There only a few seconds when a pass designed to get within field goal range and stop the clockturned into a 61 yard winning touch down. Next w...
The Vikings play the Saints today in Football.It is a must win playoff game.They beat the Saints during the regular season.Both teams are different from that game.It will be a hard fought battle with the Vikings having home field advantage. Just one step closer to the Super Bowl! Just hoping  our...
With the new tax laws that people are trying to decipher, no one is really excited about their tax filing (if they ever are).Even my CPA tells me that many of the issues are still being hashed out as to who is getting a good deal and who is not. I wonder if the IRS will grant my request...      
I was in a store the other day.There was a middle aged lady screaming at a very young man who was stocking shelves.I listened in as the young man tried to explain to her why things could not go her way and that he had no control, he was just a lowly stocker. But the woman continued to berate him....
We have all experienced the frustration of this site not working right.It was slow if you could work it at all.Whenever had that issue with pen and paper.But do you remember what life was like BEFORE the computer?Here is a little reminder of what it was like...    
This is a photo from a few years ago.Although this is not current it does resemble a Northern PikeI did catch today.I left my phone in the car.I didn't take a camera.I just wanted to fish and fish I did.Enjoy ice fishing?  Contact me for up to date current fishing on local lake.    
In the last 15 minuets, the light mist we have had all evening is turning to ice.Plow trucks are out sanding and spreading salt.That doesn't mean that the roads will be great in the morning.Play it safe and leave early.ravel slower and stay alive.Most families would prefer that!! It should look l...
Minnesota is waiting for a moderate snow Storm in a couple of days.2-6 inches of snow is expected with maybe a a bit of ice ahead of the snow.It is time for us to be prepared.Water, food, batteries, candles.Gas for the generator.This is just a very small list.  But it may be the most important.Mi...
The snow can also be pretty.Yes, the snow has been bashed much of the last week by the people on the East coast. But we sometimes need to stop and look at the beauty.Yes, it can be a pain when it comes at us in a straight horizontal line, and 6-12 inches and more at a time.But  if we can just cat...

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