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Yes, I had a visitor last night.Mr Bear!.  He destroyed ,my bird feeder stand and the bird feeders.Mr. Bear has not been here in a couple of years.I wish it had been a couple of more.But, I will build another one and add some cement inside of the pipe...that will help.And if not... Bear Stew on a...
Hey Active Rain...I have a suggestion.  Let's put the "comments disabled by author"  above the blog.Nothing worse than spending the time to read and wanting to comment and not being able to.I am busy and I would prefer to know ahead of time if I can comment.Then, if I want to still read I can whe...
I think we have all been there.Walked out of the House without our keys.Forgot the Birthday of a good friend.Forgot to get gas for the car.Forgot to set out the garbage. We do forget things during most every day.So, can you imagine this poor guys problem?    
North Branch Minnesota has received enough rain.Now, the sun is on it's way for the weekend.This weekend is about the last day for a frost in my area.So, this weekend the ground will be warming by the weekend.So, get your plants and seeds before they are gone and be ready for the weekend.  Flower...
Wet weather in North Branch, Minnesota.  So it is a great time to look at homesWho so?One of the big reasons people will by-pass on a home is because of any kind of water intrusion.It has rained for a week and the ground is saturated.Roof issues should show up on ceilings.The big one is the basem...
Fishing in Minnesota is on it's way.The lakes were very busy last weekend and this week.This weekend it is raining.A few die hards will be out.Some like it this way as it is very quiet on the lakes.Success can be fleeting.Ever  see several people in a boat and everyone but one will be catching fi...
Armed Forces Day has great significance for me.My family has lost it's share of family since WWI.We have also had our share of injuries in battle. I hold all of our service men and women in high re guard.To many paid the ultimate sacrifice  and others paid nearly as much. So for today, the names ...
Well it is wet enough in North Branch, Mn. to  make the ducks complain.Earlier this spring we needed some rain.Now, a bit of sun in order.While wet, we are not severe in where it is flooding.Our houses are still intact.We really don't have much to complain about, but being human, that is what we ...
Prayers are needed for Residents in Barron WI and in surrounding communities.3 tornado's touched down and so far 1 dead and 25 hurt.There are several still missing.Prayers for tonight and additional help will be needed tomorrow. PLEASE HELP THESE RESIDENTS AND THE RESCUERS.Keep them safe as they ...
WE got plenty of rain for the grass, flowers and weeds.Even the trees benefited.We some time mumble and grumbled about it, but it is needed.Many time's it comes just as the flowers are blooming and know many of the blossoms off.But, a few days of blossoms is better than a drought and no blossoms! 

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