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One to think about... A Scientist has developed a fast growing water lily.This lily will double it's size every day.So the Scientist puts the lily in a pond.The next day there are two of the.  The following day it doubles itself and there are 4.This goes on until on the 20th day the pond is cover...
Yesterday we did the Charity walk For the local chapter for Downs Syndrome.The money raised stays withing the community to help families with Childrenafflicted with this problem.This event was attended very well and the family of each child did what they could to raise donations.The top team rais...
This is one of the hardest things to overcome at times.Sellers who want to be home when the potential buyer show up.The feel that they can explain the home better than the person they hired.Overcoming the objection can be very touchy as trying to tell the home owner that they are not the right pe...
Minnesota Hunting is in full gear.There are all kinds of seasons and types of quarry to go after.The biggest one is Deer Hunting.Hunters have only a couple of weeks to purchase their land and get closed before Deer Season starts.If you have not started looking you are behind the 8 ball now.There ...
If you are looking to take a trip in south eastern Minnesota you need to stop atThe National Eagle Center in Wabasha.This is a great place to bring the family of all ages.There are seminars and plenty of hands on to be fun and educational.While there, check out the rest of this small river town.A...
Problems, They pop up at most any time.It may be a septic, a well, mold or some minor issue like a burnt out bulb.WE can stress out or we can take a deep breath and think the issue through.One way is an easy way the other will drive you crazy!!!  
I thought that maybe a change of pace for tonight.Hope you enjoy. A Brilliant scientist developed a plant that grew fast.I mean really fast.I t doubles its size every day.So the scientist puts the floating flower in a small pong and by the next day it had doubled in size.The next day again it was...
Every year hordes of people head for the forest to view all of the color.Many will stay overnight a night or two.Now is the time to try and book a hotel.Many are already full for the leaf season. This fall ritual for some people is a valued trip. So, if you need or want to stay over night, pick u...
You are welcome...has this phrase gone out of style.Ever notice when you thank someone for helping you they say...No Problem. No Problem?  I would hope not.I was in a store today and a young man helped me with a difficult problem i was having.It took us 20 minutes to figure it out.I thanked the y...
Well, now is  a great time to sell that lake cabin.But, the agents you have talked to, do they understand all the issues?Issues like... Is the septic good or is an upgrade in order.Is there room for an upgraded system.How about the well?  Test it?  Shock it?  Purge it? How close to the waters edg...

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