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A friend called and said he needed a favor.  He said..."Bill, you are brave and not scared of anything right."   "Yea, sure", I replied...but I was thinking that I either wasn't scared or just really stupid.  "What's up?" Well, Last year he had bought a house.  At the peak of it was a 'BAT' house...
Minneapolis and St Paul, along with some suburbs, have taken an aggressive stance on The Emerald Ash Borer.  Old mature ash trees that are showing signs of their age are being cut down in the hopes of slowing the bugs spread. One of the things that I was surprised at is that the comment was made ...
I was a bit early and she arrived on time.  A very nice looking lady in her late 20's, in great shape.  (Hey, I am a guy and I do enjoy the beauty that God has provided.   But, we should never let looks deceive us. A great smile and bubbly personality soon turned into something just short of a PI...
I go, begrudgingly, to the Dr. for my yearly talking to.  My wife seldom believes what I tell her what the Doc has to say.  So, this year I told her to come with.  After the exam, the Doctor pulled my wife aside... "You need to follow some instructions or I am afraid that your husband isn't going...
As the sun sets quietly in the damp western sky  I peek at my watch and see that it is ONLY6 PM!  Wait, it can't get dark so soon.  I have hours of work to do and less daylight to do it in every day!  My renter has this field of mine harvested which makes thing a bit easier for me on several fron...
I have been asked by several for an update on my Grand daughter that had heart surgery 3 months ago.  She is now 4 months old and doing very very well.  Mom and Dad wish to thank everyone for their prayers and support.  We went down to visit them this weekend, knowing that the weather would be we...
I like to think that "I" am in charge of my life.  But truth be told...I am not. I try to set my agenda, but, it is hardly centered around me. I Feel "My" agenda for Priorities goes as such..."GOD" is first and foremost, and then it is my wife and then family.  Then business should come after tha...
I have seen my junk mail more than double in volume in the last few months.  Most of it is organizations asking for money.  I have seen a huge shift to out of the country sponsors.  Now I do what I can to help several organizations, but sending to places that are not even centered here in the sta...
I always enjoy listening to a couple of guys debate which is better.  It doesn't matter if it's a truck, boat, 4 wheeler or a Lady...each will defend his choice to the death.  As far as each is concerned, only his idea is real.  (sounds like politics).  Well here is an example... After the Great ...
WEll, maybe one aspect of it anyway.  East Central Energy, the main electic power supplier in my area is offering in conjunction with selected retailers, $2 off each CFL. (Compact Flourescent Lights).  The rebate is an instant rebate given right at the check out. In Cambridge and North Branch you...

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