real estate: Muddy Waters In the Appraisal World - 03/03/09 05:50 AM
Start by reading the selection below (in quotes) from the following article: HVCC appraisal rules effective May 1
"Lenders may use "in house" staff appraisers to conduct appraisals. However, the loan production staff cannot select, retain, recommend or influence the selection of an appraiser for an assignment or appraisal roster. Staff also cannot have any substantive conversation with an appraiser or appraisal company regarding valuation."
Now help me to understand why a lender could use In-House appraisers, but can't be responsible for selecting or conversing with a third party appraiser!

real estate: Using To Check Your Home's Value - 07/23/08 04:53 AM
Before, I paid nearly $100.00 for access to The First American Corporation's data base of recently sold properties so that I could get an idea of what a property's value was. Of course, I am not a Realtor, so this information was not as readily available to me.
Then came Zillow. This site is awesome for people who are not real estate agents and want to check for recently sold homes in their neighborhood. Some counties have organized their own database, but not here in Gainesville (Alachua County).
I would warn against putting too much faith in the "Zestimate" that … (4 comments)

real estate: Will Prices Continue To Decline? - 07/16/08 04:18 AM
FORECLOSURE DISCOUNTS: Even with the Feds trying to help homeowners 'keep their homes' (in other words, help banks 'save their shirts'), only a small percentage of people are qualifying for loan modifications. Then, after qualifying, only a small percentage are maintaining their new loan. As a result, many homes sell at discounted prices before auction, at auction, or they sit vacant which increases the supply. Home values decline.
LENDING STANDARDS: When it was easier to borrow money, more people baught homes, which decreased the supply. As we speak, lenders and federal regulators are making it tougher to borrow money, so fewer homes are selling. … (3 comments)

real estate: Gainesville Real Estate News - April 2008 - 04/30/08 02:16 PM
Since using "" I have collected links to the majority of real estate news headlines in the Gainesville Sun for April, 2008. For daily doses, check out my Squidoo page.
Stunted developmentSuperfund showdown: Any progress at Cabot-Koppers?City hears power plant options Center for girls to get renovation Loans to help storm victims Group helping keep homes in shape Far from home: Gainesville's continuing struggle with homlessness County foreclosure filings up 175% Alachua County's first Wal-Mart Supercenter readies for opening SW 8th Avenue to get makeover Residents: Turn former church into Tower Road community center Mill Creek work draws scrutiny City's homeless site … (0 comments)

real estate: Gainesville (Real Estate) News Sites - 04/22/08 02:07 PM
I spend part of each day reading the real estate section of several websites and recently discovered the social linking network, "". So, for a few weeks I have been adding links each day as I surf my usual news sites. Today, I am sharing my with you! Since I'm reading these sites anyway, at least I can save you the time of surfing around.
You'll notice that there are many tags on the right side to explore. One in particular that i added is the "vendors" tag group. If you would like me to add a link to your … (2 comments)

real estate: Fraud v. Creative Financing - 03/16/08 03:59 AM
Commentary: I frequently see blog posts written by ignorant whistle blowers that don't know the difference between 'creative' and 'fraudulent'. If too many people don't learn the difference, then the real estate industry risks becoming paranoid and defensive. This could translate into regulations that restrict the ability for many people to buy or sell their property efficiently. The market demands fluidity. Otherwise, we will have a permanently 'slow market'. Learn to spot a true fraud. Understand the value of creative solutions. Become an educated judge.
Recommendations: One website that I like is FlippingFrenzy Dot Com. Ralph Roberts seems to be an honest … (0 comments)

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