I've been playing in puddles in the rain for more than 7 years, and I've had the lovely pleasure of conversing and meeting several colleagues across the U.S.  Little did I know when I joined ActiveRain, that it would become the impetus for a flutter of friendships made, and a plethora of inform...
Do you find yourself juggling a boatload of tasks that only YOU have the expertise in handling?  Just when you think you have one problem solved, you jump into the ring to conquer another contender.  Exhausted and overwhelmed from the constant barrage of peeps pulling at your coattails, you begin...
  I watched a YouTube video interview of one of my favorite musicians, Ed Sheeran, and I was intrigued by his incredibly kind and humble demeanor.  When asked about the origin of his good nature, he responded, "I have good parents."   A lovely answer, and one that caused me to reflect upon life i...
Inspire Me.  Who doesn't like to be inspired?!  Many of us naturally gravitate to people, places and things that make us smile in the depths of our soul =) Professionals pay thousands of dollars  to attend seminars and conferences that provide encouraging words and accountability.  Others simply ...
It's been raining cats and dogs these last few days in the Pacific Northwest... and the locals are howling with delight.  Not because of the gray skies, mind you.  It's all about the water! The entire west coast has been under siege with drought-like conditions and worrisome shortages of water.  ...
After 15 years of practicing real estate in Oregon... I'm feeling a little girlhood giddy about my future and the outlook of my business.    Some of my colleagues may be thinking... she's an adrenaline junkie who's lost her mind (i.e. If it ain't broke, why fix it?!).  Okay, I confess, I've pushe...
There's nothing worse than waking up the morning after and realizing you've been sleeping with the enemy.  A bit shocking... and oh the regret! REALTORS®... prepare to take your 'morning after' pill.  Our love nest is about to be shakin' in more ways than one.  Rupert Murdoch, newly acquired own...
It's the holidays... and in the spirit of giving, I'm headed to Southern California to solve Sony's problems.  Yes indeed, as I slave away on my iPad on the beaches of Malibu, I'll be offering some PR pointers to Sony Pictures on how to stand up to terrorists.  I'm hoping George Clooney will assi...
I've been accused (on more than one occasion) of being a curator of happy endings.  So much so, I've decided to adopt the tagline and give it a home.  I love cute stuff like that! Service with a smile comes naturally to this Naked Blogger... and in abundance.  Sometimes to the point of exhaustion...
Today, I looked up into the heavens and said... Yes, there is a God!  With little time to spare, but plenty of fret to waste, we held our breath as I presented our 5th written offer for my clients.  For a moment, I felt like Moses pleading with God... Please don't let my people be homeless! With ...

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