OK we have signed up to all the big REO companies and BPO companies. We have seen some BPO's coming our way, but keep missing the boat on accepting them. We still have the underlying question, if we pay for "premium: placement on site like res-net, reo trans and reo prep, will that get us a listi...
Wow, there are a ton of companies that claim to give you the work, but its hard to determine. I have read a ton of blogs on here and it seems like we are on the right track. It seems like we need to get through for BPOS first and then prove the quality work we preform to get the listings. We are ...
Well we have updated our resume with our 2009 REO experience and have contacted about 60 BPO/REO Asset companies and have had great positive response in just a short time. We have a list that is somewhat helpful, but you have to go through it and check out each company as some just refer you to a...
First let us say thank you once again to all the positive Active Rain members that have passed on contact lists and words of encouragement to help us on this journey. With that being said let us make it clear we only want to associates with POSITIVE people. We have received a few comments and ema...
Well we have started to contact some asset management companies. This is exciting and long process at the same time. We did sign up to all the popular sites (REO Trans, REO Network and REO Net) Our question to the group is this Does anyone get more listing because they pay the 300-500 for these c...
Good Morning all, hope you day is GREAT We are putting together a web site as we speak, you can view it @ or This is a work in progress but we hope to have it up and running by early next week. Lets us know what you think (only constructive criticis...
I read as of July 2nd in California Title companies can once again issue us property profiles. That is good news, it feels like as of lately with all the down turn in the market that title companies have turned off the customer service switch. I'm sure it has something to do with the cuts they ha...
I have read on line that the up to 8,000 tax credit can be used towards the closing cost and as an additional down payment. Has any one else read or heard about that? The lenders we work with don't know about this, or choose not to participate? All comments welcomed Bryan & Neilla Vargem
We were reading on line (July 2nd) that the Fed's dropped the mortgage rate to 5.32%. Wow that should move some buyers off the fence. Now all we need is the REO's to get assigned to areas and we will all be moving. In our area its hard right now to get an offer in with all the competition. If any...
OK, so we have our resume dialed in and are reviewing the list to submit. We want to take this time to say THANK YOU ACTIVE RAIN ASSOCIATES. We have had some great advice and help sent our way, of course we did have the nay Sayers(but that's OK they need something to complain about lol). We will ...

Bryan & Neilla Vargem

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