Answer:  Dangerous Configuration As is often the case, this installer knew just enough to be dangerous. Very dangerous. What you are looking at is two smaller bath exhaust fan vent ducts configured into the larger furnace exhaust flue. Of course, the bath exhaust fans are designed to pull condit...
Hey Active Rain Friends!  Our Regional Manager in the East, recently visited the Biltmore in Asheville, NC.  Here's his blog post.  Have you ever been there?  Also, if you have a cool, unique property in your area, we'd be glad to include it in our Unique Properties Blog.   Where is America’s Lar...
(My colleague, Chrissy Doremus, at U.S. Inspect, submitted this blog post yesterday. I found it very worthwhile and wanted to share with my readers at AR.  There's no need to create a honey-do list from scratch!  It's all right here!) Here on the east coast, Hurricane Irene was THE event of the ...
On Friday, this past week, U.S. Inspect celebrated its 25th anniversary. We had a nice party at our HQ office in Chantilly, Viriginia, attended by past and present employees. We also showed a video that captured the company's evolution from radon to home and commercial inspections. In the video,...
  Answer: Leaking Floor Drain This homeowner's HVAC condensate line was routed properly to the basement floor drain, but the floor drain was not properly sealed at the edges and was allowing water to escape down the side of the drain piping, falling into the crawlspace below. (This was an enginee...
      Answer:  Missing Outlet Cover Initial thoughts of the inspector upon encountering this situation: "Crossing the hot and neutral might keep you warm, and you’ll never have to count sheep again! Poor little fella." What we have here is a small mouse attempting to emerge from the uncovered out...
Answer:  Absolutely Nothing! There's actually nothing wrong with this picture at all! It's simply the detailed service history sticker posted on the side of an HVAC unit. So why did our inspector snap this picture? Well, if you look very closely, you will see a technician's service notes on the ...
    Answer:  Panel Interior Not Accessible Caption:  "I just have to have a full length closet shelf at this height. Nothing else works for me!"  (We're not sure where this owner was getting that thinking!) Description:  The industry electrical panel clearance rule is 30 inches to each side, top ...

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