Answer: Improper and Temporary; Replacement Needed - Chasing an elusive roof leak... Roof leaks are problematic in that they can travel long distances from entry or source to the point they are observed. I believe from seeing the amount of "repair square footage" present, this is one of those le...
Answer:  Improper Materials, Improper Configuration, Unsafe Condition This kitchen exhaust vent has taken a very long and complicated journey to the outdoors. The homeowner and proud installer had actually boasted that, "Venting this newly purchased kitchen exhaust fan was such a simple process....
Any home inspection will include actively looking for water leaks or signs of water piping that has been compromised. While you might expect to find more water breaks from freezing in vacant homes, many a homeowner can tell you about the time they had a water incident in their occupied home. Stat...
Answer: Improper Kitchen Fan Venting "Surely this will exhaust and vent all that smoke and steam from the kitchen stove!" Here is a 'vented' range hood.  It was originally designed to be recirculating until the homeowner got creative and added a tube to the exterior, through the window sash. Hav...
Answer: Convenient, Yes....Practical, Maybe......Sanitary, Probably Not! A recent home inspection revealed this "plumbing component" under the basement staircase. In case you haven't guessed, it's a homeowner crafted, installed, and functioning urinal. It's been constructed of a modified plastic...
You may have received a home inspection report describing either the absence of a 'Chimney cricket' or the need to install one. What is the inspector referring to? One hint: it has nothing to do with the movie Pinocchio. Simply stated, the inspector is indicating the need to have a chimney compon...

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