buyers: Tips from my Dentist - 04/20/12 01:36 AM
In all the years of selling real estate, I have found that one of my favorite things is helping people buy their first home.  It’s such an exciting time for my first-time clients, and I take great satisfaction in making the process as easy as possible for them.  One of the most important things I learned early in my career, I took from my Dentist.  I asked my Dentist why are you continually telling me what you are doing while you are working on my teeth.  He answered, “ Informed patients are the most relaxed and stress free, making the procedure … (1 comments)

buyers: What’s The Difference Between A Buyer’s Market And A Seller’s Market - 04/18/12 07:49 AM
Lynn has made some very good points here and described the market types well.  I would encourage you to leave your coments on her original post to let her know that you have appreciated her post.
What’s The Difference Between A Buyer’s Market And A Seller’s Market
One of the keys to selling Nanaimo real estate is to understand the difference between a buyer’s market and a seller’s market.
On a very basic level a buyer’s market means that a buyer holds the cards, and a seller’s market means that the seller has most of the control when selling a … (0 comments)

buyers: Buyers Market is Here ! - 03/22/09 04:29 AM
Consumers have a greater selection, less competition and prices that are stabilizing.
After several years of record activity in the Real Estate, the market has definitely shifted in favour of buyers.  Instead of having to compete for whatever properties are available, buyers now have the luxury of increased selection and much more relaxed shopping experience.  Buyers can actually take a few days to consider a property before making their offer and the property will likely still be available. The Calgary and Airdrie real estate markets now offer an excellent selection of well priced homes.  
For those of us empty … (4 comments)

buyers: Home Buyers Tax Credit - 02/27/09 09:02 AM
Home Buyers Tax Credit in Canada (HBTC)
The Federal Government hasintroduce a new non-refundable tax credit for Home Buyers, based on an amount of $5,000, for certain home buyers that acquire a qualifying home after January 27, 2009.   A home buyer has to qualify for the HBTC in hte following ways;
They acquire a qualifying home; and neither the individual nor the individual's spouse or common-law partner owned and lived in another home in the year of purchase or any of the four preceding years. ( Basically you need to be a First time Home Buyer) - Except if you are … (0 comments)

buyers: CONDO BUYER TIPS - 01/20/09 08:25 AM
Condo buyer tips

Square footage can be measured any number of ways in condominium plans. Don't believe numbers presented to you. If exact measure is important, carry a measuring tape, and work consistently from the inside measure of condo apartments. Divide the asking price by the number of square feet to arrive at dollar-per-foot costs that you can compare.
Parking can be an uncovered stall, a covered stall, indoors but unheated or indoors heated and secured. Its legal status can be either assigned common-area space, or legally-titled ownership. If it is assigned, it should be protected by a formal lease … (4 comments)

buyers: Informed buyers and informed sellers look at the facts - 11/02/08 05:18 PM
Informed buyers and informed sellers look at the facts 

The facts right now indicate the real estate resale market is starting to stabilize.  Sales activity in September was slightly under the same month last year.  In Calgary in September, there were 2,006 sales at an average price of $390,599. That is a decrease of six per cent from  September 2007.  Canadian home sellers are under no financial duress to sell, and a number may decide to take their home off the market should it remain unsold when the listing expires. The resulting decline in listings should assist the balance of … (0 comments)

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