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Carol Culkin, ABR, Associate Broker, Relocation Specialist, is your source for real estate in Overland Park. Carol is an award winning agent who gets results! For more information on Kansas City or the Overland Park area in general please call Carol at (913) 333-8310.



What will people think of me as a Realtor if I can't sell THIS house fast?   By THIS house, I mean MY house.   Yup, that's right.  I am getting ready to put my house on the market soon and the process is causing me to be a bit neurotic.  Oh, not because I am selling ...but, because I am a REALTOR...
Ready to Spend, but Not to Boast ...this is the title of a recent NY Times article about how people ARE spending money these days but are being careful to not be too flashy and draw attention to their purchases.  Has the current economic crisis made people more humble?  The article below is worth...
Does being well educated or functioning in the corporate world make one a good business person? Not always. As a real estate practitioner, I’ve come across some very intellectual and savvy people who thought they knew the process of buying and selling real estate better than me or another real es...
Help, I'm turning into the grim reaper.  I hate being the bearer of bad news.  The job of a real estate agent gets harder and harder each day. See, for years I preferred to be on the listing side of a transaction, but these days when preparing to meet with sellers for the first time, I just never...
In a bar, a man boasts about how he had just made his last car payment.  Somebody else asks jokingly if he would like to continue paying his.  The man's son says ..."Or, he could help pay my school loans, since my parents so graciously made me apply". Huh?  Now, as a parent of two adult children....
As my current home improvement project gets delayed, I realize it is all about getting the job done right.  Issues came up.  There were some unforeseeable hidden problems that were not revealed until the demolition process got under way.  This means an added cost and more time. I'm not mad.  Perh...

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