gulf coast realty: Home Sale Stats for the Mississippi Gulf Coast are UP for July 2012 - 08/16/12 03:07 AM
Hello Everyone!
Here are the numbers for Single Family units sold on the Mississippi Gulf Coast for July 2012.
The Number of Single Family Units SOLD:           308
MEDIAN PRICE SOLD:                                           $112,750
AVERAGE PRICE SOLD:                                         $127,688
This compares to June 2012 sales:
The Number of Single Family Units SOLD:                289
Median Price SOLD:                                                $112,750
Average Price SOLD:                                              $127,688
And compared to a year ago July 2011:
The Number of Single Family Units SOLD:                  247
Median Price SOLD:                                                 $88,005
Average Price SOLD:                                               $111,239
JULY 2012 WAS A GREAT MONTH!   All criteria were up!  The numer of homes … (0 comments)

gulf coast realty: Mississippi Gulf Coast Housing Stats for June 2012 - 07/17/12 05:15 AM
Hello Everyone!
Well the Wall Street Journal in an article from July 12, said, "The housing market has turned- At last."  And in my last
blog on housing stats for May 2012, I said how the last 2 months showed positive upward movement in number of sold homes and in the prices of the homs.  However, June's stats are running contrary to the last 2 months and to the WSJ report.
Here is the breakdown for the Mississippi Gulf Coast Single Family unit Sales for June 2012 as compared to May 2012 and June 2011 according to the MS Gulf Coast MLS … (3 comments)

gulf coast realty: Mississppi Home sales have been trending upward for April and May - 06/18/12 07:33 AM
Hi Everyone!
Reviewing the Single Family home sales for the Mississippi Gulf Coast good news is in the reports!
April  saw the number of homes sold during the month down from 286 to 281 homes sold. Not a significant change in homes sold.  However, during the month of April, the Median and Average price of homes that did sold increased.
The median price increased from $86,763 in March to $93,900 in April! That's over 8% increase!!!
And the Average price increased from $112,740 in MARCH  to $118,253 In April!  That's about a 5% increase.
But the news doesn't … (2 comments)

gulf coast realty: Mississippi Gulf Coast Home Sales Stats for March 2012 - 04/25/12 04:25 AM
Hi Everyone!
Here is what has been happening for home sales on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.
The  number of Single Family units that SOLD  March 2012:      286
The Average SOLD price:                                                    $112,740
The Median SOLD price:                                                      $86,763
This compares to Feb. 2012
The number of Single Family units that SOLD Feb 2012           251
The Average Sold Price:                                                     $111,682
The Median Sold Price:                                                       $95,000
And compares with a year ago March 2011
The number of Single Family units that SOLD Mar. 2011          299
The Average Sold Price:                                                    $113,745
The Median Sold Price:                                                      $95,000
So home sales are … (1 comments)

gulf coast realty: Feb 2012 Home Sale Stats for the Mississippi Gulf Coast - 03/21/12 06:06 AM
Housing Stats for Feb. 2012:
Number of Homes SOLD:                    251
Median Sold price:                          $95,000
Average SOLD price:                      $111,682
As compared to  Jan 2012:
Number of Homes SOLD:                   206
Median Sold Price:                         $91,951
Average Sold Price:                      $104,417
And compared to year ago Feb 2011
Number of Home SOLD                   198
Median Sold price:                      $97,000
Average Sold Price:                    $111,123
So as you can see, Feb 2012 has more homes sold than the month before and more homes sold than the previous year in February.  It also for the most part has had higher prices for the sales. This a very positive … (0 comments)

gulf coast realty: January Home Sale Stats for the Mississippi Gulf Coast - 03/21/12 05:51 AM
Here are the Home Sale stats for the Mississippi Gulf Coast
For Jan.2012 The Total Homes SOLD                    206
Median Sold Price:                                        $91,951
Average Sold Price:                                      $104,417
This compares to Dec. 2011 Homes Sold:           295
Median Sold Price:                                        $120,000
Average Price:                                             $123,906
And for Jan 2011 the Total Homes Sold:          180
Median Sold Price                                         $98,250
Average Sold Price:                                      $114,146
So Jan 2012 is down in number of sold homes from Dec but up from the Jan a year earlier.  However,
The Median and Average price are down both  from the month before and the year before.  This information is collected by the … (0 comments)

gulf coast realty: December 2011 home sale stats for Mississippi Gulf coast - 02/08/12 04:47 AM
Okay Everyone,
Here is what happened on the Mississippi Gulf Coast in Home sales for the month of December 2011
Number of Homes SOLD                 295
Average SOLD Price                  $123,906
Median SOLD Price                   $120,000
This compares with Nov 2011 homes stats:
Number of Homes SOLD              276
Average SOLD Price                $116,733
Median SOLD Price                 $100,000
And as compared to a year ago in December 2010:
Number of Homes SOLD             293
Average SOLD Price                $118,687
Median SOLD Price                 $100,000
So compared to the month before December was better than November in every way, both in sales volume and average and median … (0 comments)

gulf coast realty: 3Bedroom Home for $39,900 in Gulfport! - 10/21/11 09:15 AM

gulf coast realty: Mississippi Gulf Coast Real Estate stats for September 2011 - 10/11/11 07:58 AM
Hi Everyone!
Well the stats are out for Sept 2011 for Single Family Unit Sales for the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  Gulf Coast Realty compiles these stats every month, so you can keep track of the LOCAL real estate market, and not just rely on National stats. These stats come from the Mississippi Gulf Coast Multiple Listing Service.
Sept. 2011
Single Family SOLD         271
Average Price:                $112,603
Median Price:                  $95,000
Aug 2011
Single Family SOLD        316
Average Price:               $113,616
Median Price:                $102,000
Sept. 2010
Single Family SOLD          241
Average Price:               $124,550
Median Price:                $117,900
As you can see, our … (0 comments)

gulf coast realty: Foreclosures on the Mississippi Gulf Coast - 09/23/11 05:26 AM
WEll I looked at our local MS Gulf Coast MLS system this morning.  I wanted to see how many of our homes for sale
were listed as 3rd party/bank owned (Mostly foreclosures).  The number of properties that stated they were 3rd party/bank owned for the coast was 360.   The total number of properties for sale was 9892.  That's a small percentage of foreclosed properties to properties for sale. It works out to 3.64% of properties that are 3rd party/bank owned to ALL proprties for sale.
But, there is another satistic to consider.   When I took a look at the number of … (0 comments)

gulf coast realty: Home Sale Statistics for the Mississippi Gulf Coast August 2011 - 09/20/11 10:55 AM
Hi EVeryone!
Well there is GOOD NEWS for the Mississippi Home Sales for the month of August.  The Number of Homes Sold in August on the Coast is up from July 2011 and is up from August 2010.   The breakdown of Sales is like this:
Aug. 2011:
Number of Homes SOLD              316
Average Price Sold                     $113,616
Median Price Sold                      $102,000
July 2011:
Number of Homes SOLD               247
Average Price SOLD                   $88,005
Median Price Sold                       $111,239
Aug 2010:
Number of Homes Sold                 238
Average Price SOLD                  $118,782
Median Price Sold                      $94,000
As you can see, the number of homes SOLD is up … (0 comments)

gulf coast realty: More Good News for the Mississippi Gulf Coast Housing Market!!! - 07/11/11 05:56 AM
Hi Everyone!
Well as I told you last month, that May's housing stats for single family residences was up from April in number of sales and in median and average price. Now for the second month in a row, we are UP again!!!!
The Number of homes sold from May to June on the Mississippi Gulf Coast INCREASED BY 7.7%
The Median price of those homes INCREASED BY APPROX 3.2%
The Average price of those homes INCREASED BY APPROX 2.1%
Here are the actual numbers from the Gulf Coast MLS data for Single Family residences sold in June of … (1 comments)

gulf coast realty: Home Sale Statistics for the Mississippi Gulf Coast May 2011 - 06/10/11 06:58 AM
Hi Everyone!
Today an economist named Shiller is on the news about the National housing market and the possibility of housing prices falling another 10 to 25% nationally.  This is because of the foreclosures that are on the book, but haven't come on the market for sale yet.  This is a national forecast.  However, the sum of all markets does not always point out what is happening in a local market. 
In fact, here on the Mississippi Gulf coast we have been watching the median and average price fall each month just about for the last year.  However, May of 2011 … (0 comments)

gulf coast realty: Sales Stats for April for the Mississippi Gulf Coast - 05/16/11 05:47 AM
Hello Everyone!
Well here are the results of home & Condo sales for the Mississippi Gulf Coast for April 2011 according to the Gulf Coast MLS.
April 2011  Total Homes Sold       258
Median price                              $95,500
Average price                          $111,710

This compares to Mar 2011
Total Homes Sold                  299
Median price                     $95,000
Average Price                    $113,745
And compared to April 2010
Total Homes sold               300
Median Price                 $119,500
Average Price                $126,284
So as you can see, we are down from last month and last year this time.  More buyers are out there coming in our door, but the contract times for foreclosures … (0 comments)

gulf coast realty: Home Sales for the Mississippi Gulf Coast March 2011 - 04/05/11 04:45 AM
Hi Everyone!
Well here is the news for the Mississippi Gulf Coast for Single Family Units according to the  Gulf Coast MLS.
For March 2011 the number of SOLD homes was:           278
For February 2011 the number of SOLD homes was:       186
For March 2010 the nuber of SOLD homes was:              281
Median Price for March 2011:                               $96,550
Median Price for Feb. 2011:                                 $96,500
Average Price for March 2011:                             $112,809
Average Price for Feb. 2011:                               $108,745
Median Price for March 2010:                              $125,000
Average Price for March 2010:                             $129,659
As you can see, HOME SALES have increased since Feb. of this … (0 comments)

gulf coast realty: Home Sales up on the Mississippi Gulf Coast - 03/07/11 07:41 AM
Hi Everyone!
I just pulled the stats for February for the Mississippi Gulf Coast according to our Gulf Coast MLS system.
The number of residential homes/condos that sold in February 2011 is up from January 2011 and it is also up form a year ago stats for February 2010.
Here is the breakdown:
Single Family Units that SOLD in FEB. 2011 :     186
Single Family Units that SOLD in Feb. 2010:     173
Single Family Units that SOLD in Jan. 2011:       180

So you can see we have more sales going on compared to last month, and last year!  That's the good … (1 comments)

gulf coast realty: NAR's 4th Quarter Gulfport/Bilxoi area Housing Stats - 03/05/11 10:30 AM
follow this link to go NAR's Housing Stats for the 4th Quarter of 2010 Housing Stats for the Gulfport/Biloxi area.
These stats are for the whole coast, including Biloxi, Gulfport, Ocean Springs, Bay St. Louis, Pass Christian, Long Beach, D'Iberville and St. Martin.
Gulf Coast Realty serving the Mississippi Gulf Coast for all real estate on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

gulf coast realty: From NAR 4th Quarter Local Real Estate stats - 03/05/11 09:50 AM Follow this link for 4th Quarter Local Real Estate stats from NAR. If you are thinking of buying or selling a real estate in the Mississippi Coast area, Call Gerard Maher with Gulf Coast Realty at 228-229-4685 or email at For all real estate on the Gulf Coast, Gulfport, Biloxi, Ocean Springs, St. Martin, D'Iberville, Long Beach, Pass Christian, Bay St. Louis, Harrison County. Serving Keesler AFB and the Navy CB base. … (0 comments)

gulf coast realty: Ready To Move In home only $68,900!!! - 02/28/11 03:33 AM

gulf coast realty: Beautiful Sunny Day here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast - 02/26/11 01:31 AM
Hi All
It is a beautiful Sunny day here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  The Long Beach Mardi Gras parade is today at 6pm.  It should be fun! Here on the coast we celebrate Mardi Gras by parades for about 3-4 weeks until Mardi Gras day itself!  Mardi Gras Balls, King Cakes, Throws. Just a whole lot of fun!

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