cape cod towns: What Makes Falmouth MA Great!? - 08/02/16 09:09 PM
What Makes Falmouth MA Great!
What Makes Falmouth MA Great!? Well, where to start. It could be that Falmouth is in the southwest corner of Cape Cod - one of the places that the world visits for vacations. It could be that having the most waterfront of any town in the United States provides both visitors and residents with beautiful beaches, boating, sunsets, seafood, historical adventures, bird watching, whale watching, and now shark watching, picturesque vistas, summer baseball, nature walks, and relaxation all year long. Or it could be the varied people from diverse places who are here part time and full … (4 comments)

cape cod towns: Falmouth Soccer Club Joe Kirk Memorial Charity Tournament - 03/11/12 05:46 AM

Falmouth Soccer Club PRESS RELEASE March 7, 2012
Samantha Pearsall Mueller FSC Secretary
Falmouth Soccer Club to Host 4th Annual Indoor Tournament
The Falmouth Soccer Club (FSC) will host its Fourth Annual Joe Kirk Memorial Tournament on Saturday, March 24 at the Gus Canty Community Center. Last year about 140 players from ages eight to 18 participated, dozens of high school students and adults volunteered, and 35 local businesses and individuals sponsored the event and donated raffle prizes.
This year the all-day tournament will include small-sided games, raffle prizes, free tournament t-shirts, and snacks. The team mascot … (0 comments)

cape cod towns: Its A Beautiful Week On Cape Cod! - 03/28/11 06:47 AM
Come on over the bridges and avoid the rush! This week is shaping up to be sunny and inspiring! If you haven't found your Cape Cod getaway yet, now is the time!
Our open houses have been busy every weekend. There is an energy in the air that usually precedes a flury of activity. Decide on a good broker, or agent, and finalize your searching soon. The best properties are going to those who are ready to act.
The picture below is of swans on Bourne's Pond in East Falmouth. Bourne's pond sits between the Davisville and Central peninsulas. Falmouth has more waterfront … (2 comments)

cape cod towns: Falmouth MA is a Green Community - 03/23/11 02:03 PM
There are grants available to Green Community towns across the US. Falmouth MA is making a concentrated effort to be at the top of the list, and a leader. There are meetings coming up to help educate and elucidate Falmouth's plans.
There is a meeting at Lawrence School at 6:30pm Thursday evening. The Lawrence school is on Lakeview Ave and is the 7th and 8th grade middle school. The meeting will be in the auditorium.
There will also be a discussion of "Stretch Energy" at Town Meeting. This is the idea that building should encompass current energy conservation concepts and products. … (2 comments)

cape cod towns: Coast Guard Practices Rescues Off Falmouth MA Coast - 02/23/11 09:45 AM
It was around 40 degrees today and the Coast Guard was practicing rescues off the coast of Falmouth MA on Cape Cod. This helicpoter and the rescue teams repeated their routine over and over in the cold waters. The sun was out, but I'm sure they were cold.
I put my Droid camera lense up to the eyelet of a pair of binoculars I had and took this video. It is a little shaky, but clear enough to see one completed rescue. The waster was calm, the sun was out, and in general, a good day to practice.


cape cod towns: A Rainbow In Falmouth - 11/09/10 06:25 AM
Last week a storm whipped through Falmouth briefly. I took this picture of a double rainbow that formed outside my office. It changed in brightness and clarity over the few minutes it was visible.
I've seen double rainbows before, but this one was the brightest I've ever seen, double or otherwise. The rest of that week was very pleasant.  This week we have had rain to help all the leaves fall, and to let all the trees get their thirst quenched before the cold months arrive.
It is still a beautiful day on Cape Cod!


cape cod towns: Nor-easter? Not on the Cape! Come On Down! - 10/15/10 07:27 AM
Well, the rumors that Cape Cod has blown away have been greatly exaggerated. Yes the winds came. But it is more like a "Winnie the Pooh" blustery day than a storm. The picture below shows a Falmouth beach earlier today, before the sun was completely out.
I like living in a resort! I like the idea that we are remote enough for the weather men/women to mis-predict the weather.  So, check here to see a pic every now and then. It is a beautiful day on Cape Cod!


cape cod towns: Volunteers Needed In Falmouth MA for The Feasts of Falmouth - 09/14/10 10:38 AM
I just received this from the Falmouth Volunteers in Public Schools (VIPS):
The 9th annual VIPS fundraiser, the Feasts of Falmouth & Beyond, is fast approaching and we anticipate another successful event with a tent full of local restaurants serving up their delicious specialties! The Feasts of Falmouth is scheduled for Saturday, September 25th, at the Falmouth Marine Park on Scranton Ave., from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm. As this event continues to become more popular each year, our need for volunteers grows too. We hope you will consider volunteering. And, as more hands make lighter work, consider inviting a friend or family member to … (0 comments)

cape cod towns: Earl Shmerl! It is a Beautiful Day on Cape Cod! - 09/04/10 04:20 AM
Earl Shmerl!  Last night was no more than a tropical rain event here on Cape Cod. This morning is one of the most beautiful days I have ever seen here in Falmouth! If you are thinking about heading toward Cape Cod, the picture below was taken on my way in to the office.  This road is one of the ones that is usually washed over in a heavy storm. There isn't even any sand on the pavement this morning.
I guess I'll have to go walk on the beach later for those of you stuck inland.

I like living in … (4 comments)

cape cod towns: Falmouth Artists Guild Raises Funds For An Elevator - 07/17/10 06:20 AM
On Thursday evening my wife and I attended the Falmouth Artists Guild fundraiser. We were there with other agents and friends from Robert Paul Properties. There was good food, dancing, music was provided by Four Guys In Tuxes, and there was a lot of art and goodies to bid on at the auction. We had a very nice evening.
One of the activities was an open call for donations toward the installation of an elevator at the new Falmouth Artists Guildbuilding on Gifford and Dillingham. The guild web site begins with, "The Falmouth Artists Guild is dedicated to the visual arts, providing … (1 comments)

cape cod towns: Skype Me To See What The Weather Is Like On Main Street In Falmouth On Cape Cod! - 05/23/10 05:55 AM
Most weather forecasts tell you what they "think" is happening on Cape Cod. My office is on Main Street in Falmouth MA. If you Skype me, I'll give you a live shot of the beautiful day that is on Cape Cod!
We find that the weather forecasters are all on the Boston side of the bridges. Their radar and predictions don't always show the reality of a beautiful Cape Cod day. But a live shot from my Skype connection can!
So if you have a question about the weather on Cape Cod, particularly Falmouth MA, connect on Skype and we'll give … (4 comments)

cape cod towns: Its A Beautiful Day On Cape Cod! Here's a Pic! - 05/20/10 04:58 AM
The sun is out! The rain from the last two days has cleared up a lot of allergens! The breeze is light! And Main Street in Falmouth MA is starting to buzz with the coming vacationers.
Some people are already here for their early summer fun. Shops in Falmouth are preparing for a great summer! While they are open year round in Falmouth, many businesses rely on summer visitors.
If you are coming to Cape Cod, check here or send us a note and we'll get you an up to date picture! The weekend looks just as bright as today until … (0 comments)

cape cod towns: No Smoke Inspections In Falmouth MA Until June 16 - 05/20/10 03:12 AM
I just received a call from the Falmouth fire department informing me that smoke detector inspections in the town of Falmouth MA cannot be scheduled until after June 16 because all the slots are full. On the one had this is good news, because that means that there are lots of closing happening! On the other hand it means that offers have to carefully written.
This may be a temporary blitz because of the end of the tax credit. Or, it could be a good sign that the real estate market has at least stabilized in Falmouth. Or, it cold be the … (0 comments)

cape cod towns: Falmouth High School to Play Whitman-Hanson In Semi-Final Basketball - 03/01/10 02:15 AM
Tonight, on a neutral court, Falmouth High School boys' basketball team meets the Whitman-Hanson team at 7pm. W-H has a better win loss record, but Falmouth has beaten teams that W-H opponents have had trouble with. This should be a good game.
Of course I'll be cheering for the Falmouth team to win. W-H has been a Falmouth rival in many playoff games over the years in many different sports. Tonight should be a fast paced, loud, and well played game.
I am looking forward to my nephew Alessio Tranchell and his teammates to work as a team again and move … (0 comments)

cape cod towns: Downtown Falmouth MA Is Plowed and Ready For Shopping! - 12/23/09 01:53 AM
It is a Beautiful Day On Cape Cod! Downtown Falmouth streets have been plowed and there are shops opening as I write. The picture below shows Main Street at 7:30 this morning when I got here to the office. Now at 9 am, the traffic is picking up and shoppers are starting to arrive.
If you are looking for gifts and presents, come down to Falmouth Village and support your local businesses! The Main Street selection of shops is a good as any mall. And the food selection is better than you'll find in any food court!


cape cod towns: Falmouth Christmas Parade - 12/22/09 01:25 AM
It was a cold day earlier this month for the annual Falmouth Christmas Parade. Falmouth is known as having the largest Christmas parade in southern New England. It usually lasts 2 to three hours.
This year was no exception. There were dancers, bands, floats, soldiers, clowns, and of course Santa. We had hot chocolate and cider in our Main Street office. A good time was had by all.

cape cod towns: Save Your Old Sports Equipment - Until March Or Drop It Off - 12/13/09 05:15 AM
When you are given a Christmas gift, or buy for your self, some new sports equipment this season, save the old stuff. In the coming months, the Falmouth Volunteers in Public Schools (VIPS) is going to have a "Re-Sale" for all donated items.
For 27 years, Falmouth VIPS has been enhancing education for Falmouth students. VIPS do a lot of things like tutoring, mentoring, and funding activities. In March of 2010, they will have the 2nd annual Used Sports Equipment Sale Fundraiser. You can either wait until March, or drop the items off in the VIPS office now. Call them for the … (0 comments)

cape cod towns: Family Scavenger Hunt Downtown Falmouth This Saturday! FUN! - 10/22/09 06:23 AM
The Second Annual Spooktacular is happening this Saturday from 2pm to 5 pm rain or shine! Parents or guardians are asked to accompany their kids as they peer into the Main Street shops and businesses in search of jack-o-lanterns and ghosts. All participating ghouls, goblins, princesses, and pirates will meet at the Mullen Hall bus loop and/or in the Mullen Hall cafeteria to kick thins off. 
Please bring a non-perishable food item for the Falmouth Service Center. AND don't forget to bring in your boxtops! There will be "Graham Cracker Haunted House Construction" opportunities and a costume sale!
Some shops and … (4 comments)

cape cod towns: Cape Cod Green Possibilities - 09/03/09 07:44 AM
If you are on Cape Codyou are probably aware of the green projects in the news. But what can you do in your own home? Well, there are many programs that can help conserve energy and promote green products. A list of conservation programs offered by Massachusetts companies can be found here:
For example, older refrigerators with less efficient compressors will typically consume twice as much electricity as more recently manufactured ones. So getting a newer fridge will help you save electricity and give you a greener reputation. Some people have even proposed smaller wind generators on every home. That … (0 comments)

cape cod towns: Why Make Movies In Massachusetts? Money!! $1 = $1.25 in MAss! - 04/17/09 06:48 AM
Money!  On a recent visit to the Massachusetts Film Office, Nick Paleologis explains the tax credits available to movie makers in MAss.  His explanation is that $1 is actually $1.25 in MA.  So the million dollar budget gets stretched much farther in MA.
Which business CEO doesn't like to get a 25% bonus!? Are movie makers different from other businesses?  And, the facilities being built at the Plymouth Rock Studios in Plymouth MA are state of the art and soup to nuts.  From back lot, to sound stage, to offices, the site has it all!
And you get to enjoy Cape … (0 comments)

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