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Specializing in waterfront & luxury homes in Englewood,Port Charlotte, South Gulf Cove, Placida, Cape Haze, Little Gasparilla Island, Palm Island, Boca Grande, Manasota Key Florida. With this blog our intention is to increase the knowledge people have about buying waterfront property in Southwest Florida.



With the economy the way it is many good people are facing foreclosure that would never have dreamed that it would happen to them. Unfortunately home prices have plummeted and people have been forced into a position of having to give up or walk away from their homes since they owe more than they ...
I have had a good week listing and selling short sales. If the ground work is layed properly short sales can be a very smooth process and it doesn't have to take forever to get them closed. The success is determined when they are listed not when an offer to purchase is presented. Understanding th...
The reason that I believe there will be an increasing percentage of short sales is that the majority of them are not closing. As the resales and foreclosures are going under contract and closing they are removed from the active supply of homes. Short sales on the other hand, unless handled proper...
One item that is giving buyers a false perception of the local market is "Short Sales". In all cases the list price on short sales is subject to 3rd party approval (the bank) and in all cases the list price may not be sufficient to cover the liens mortgages and encumbrances on the property, thus ...
Foreclosures and short sales are the buzz words and these are what is selling in the Venice, Englewood, North Port and Port Charlotte Florida market. There seems to be many people that do not know the difference between a short sale and a foreclosure. They are not the same. A foreclosure is when ...
The market runs in cycles and history repeats itself. The real estate market went through this same phase in the early 1990's. Property values plummetted and the aftermath was foreclosures. Foreclosures are a sad thing but they are also the markets way of curing itself. They create activity in th...

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