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While wandering around The Home Depot last week, I ran into a gentleman who - many years ago - stripped unsightly wallpaper from a quaint, little 'Handyman Special' I was rehabbing at the time.  Like other independent contractors seeking to stay competitive, he has since added related decorating ...
APPARENTLY SOME PEOPLE.  Every now and then, we read a blog post about plagiarism - blatant, egregious, unequivocal plagiarism.  Sadly, the circumstances typically surround an act of discovering the mysterious appearance of one's written words - on someone else's blog.  Shocking?  Somewhat.  Disc...
As an Illinois Pre-License Instructor, I always look forward to attending AIREE Instructor Training Conferences on a regular basis.  This past June, I listened to the Real Estate Coordinator from IDFPR (Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulation) as she presented a series of licen...
I LOVE QUESTIONS  The only thing I love more than asking questions - is answering them! Every once in awhile, a fellow ActiveRainer will reach out with an inquiry about something related to blogging.  And of course, I am more than delighted to oblige with a response.  Recently, a newbie asked abo...
You never know how someone will react to a property. I know you’re seeking feedback from me, however,  I don't have much to tell you.  No, it’s not the room sizes.  No, it’s not the kitchen cabinets.  No, it’s not the paint color.  No, it's not your seller's decorating style.  I’m really sorry – ...
  Have You Ever Noticed That It's Difficult To Be Grateful And Unhappy At The Same Time? Go ahead.  Try it.  Sure, we all have trials and tribulations.  Sure, there are those of us who have struggled through - and survived - enough adversity to last a hundred lifetimes.  And yet, I often recogni...
During a preliminary search this past month, I viewed several properties that required listing agents to accompany their respective showings.  Ironically, the most memorable observations I made at some of these showings were the listing agents’ less-than-smart-casual attire – an unofficial dress ...
Is It Possible To Teach Face-To-Face Communications?Recently, a colleague mentioned he is encouraging his teenage children to enhance their communication skills.  Specifically, he is coaching them on issues such as how to shake hands, maintain eye contact, speak directly, and otherwise relate in ...
  Anyone Who Knows Me – Knows What A True Blue, Loyal, Diehard Cubs Fan I AmHonestly, I can't begin to remember the bazillions of games I've attended in my lifetime.  As a matter of fact, I'm fairly sure I've contributed substantially to the rising salaries of many players on the Cubs roster.  Ye...
Now They Tell MeWho ever heard of sunscreen years ago?  Back when I was a kid, there was no such thing as sunscreen.  Or, at least, I'd never heard of it – and neither had my family and friends.  Personally, I cannot begin to recount the number of times I've endured heavy duty sunburns after spen...

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