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I’m not talking about the commission splits. I’m talking about a much more significant contribution. You’re a new member of your organization. Has the organization asked anything of you? It should, if there is pride in belonging to the organization. Surprisingly, though, today many companies eith...
In these challenging markets, much of my work has been with management teams, designing actins that move their offices into profitability. I’ve identified three strategies that managers are failing to implement that cause them to go into the red. The most glaring mistake I see managers making is ...
Lately, in this challenging market, I’ve been helping management teams turn offices from ‘in the red’ to solid profits. One of the most challenging areas in helping these managers go from ‘maintenance’ to ‘leadership’ is to help them set standards for the kind of people they want in their offices...
Most of you are experiencing tougher markets than in the past. You’re struggling with how to get your agents to go to work. There are answers, though, and we’re bringing them to you with a series of tele-conference calls from brokers successfully getting great production from their agents—even in...

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