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Well as most of you know the health insurance premiums are going through the roof including mine. I remember hearing the president promising if his obamacare was passed we would all save on our health insurance and we can keep the same health care plan we had then.AARP and the big insurance compa...
I would like to thank all you veterans out there regardless of when you served.   Many bled and died so that the rest of us can be free. I signed up in the USAF as soon as I could in 1974(age 17) . Vietnam was on its way out so I missed Vietnam and every other war since I only served 4 years.I ca...
Sunday at church we had friends and family day and we sang this song that just touched my heart. I have been sharing lots of songs lately and just like the others pleaase pay close attention to the words.This morning I got a text that my good friend and neighbor Terry Ray died last night. We were...
Yesterday in church our youth minister/song leader Jon led us in yet another song that touched me greatly. Maybe it is because I am getting older but I think it is because I try to listen closely to the words. After all, we are praising God and lifting these songs up to the Lord. I found this son...
 Tonight at church one of  our members brought us a short lesson concerning faith. While he was reading from James chapter 2 I pulled up the Message version on my smart phone and never really looked at chapter 2 like this. Here is the actual verses beginning with verse 19-20.19 Do I hear you prof...
Just wanted to let my friends know that the group SpiritualRain is back, resurrected from the dead, alive and well, O well you get the message.I want to personally Bob Stewart who read a comment from me saying this group got accidently deleted during the new owners take over. He sent me a message...
Are you moving to Dyersburg,Tn with plans to purchase a home but need to find a short term rental first?If so, why not hire a professional Realtor who has short term rentals for his buying clients? Please don't hire your Realtor first then expect my company to help you with a short term rental.Wi...
I have a close friend name Chuck Walden who was a brother in Christ and a member of the church where I attend. About 3 years ago chuck told us in our small mens class that his white blood count was elevated on his routine blood work.Just about 16 months ago Chuck underwent a bone marrow transplan...
My wife took one of my daughters to New York City for a few days as a high school graduation present. They have had a great time going shopping and watching plays.Gail just called all excited about the play they were watching(out for a few minutes of intermission) and the play is called "Wicked"....
The Dyersburg real estate market absorption rate is high these first 5 months of 2015.In this picture the May absorption rate is 75%. That means for every 4 new listings there are 3 new sales.The February number was 60% and the March number jumped to 1.03%. That was when it starting getting hard ...

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