benefits of using a virtual assistant: How to Hire a Professional Real Estate Virtual Assistant! - 04/13/14 02:23 PM
As we all know, the spring and summer seasons tend to be some of the most busy for the real estate professional. With listings rolling in, prospective buyers eager to find that perfect property and each client at different stages of the real estate process, most of you are probably very happily busy and maybe even wondering if it's the right time to begin searching for some extra help. Whether you're just looking for a Real Estate Virtual Assistant team to handle your website and social media presence or you're seeking something more in-depth and all-encompassing, finding the ideal help can … (2 comments)

benefits of using a virtual assistant: The Future of Search is Social - 07/20/11 09:27 AM
Up until recently, we have been promoting social media as a means of making connections, building relationships, and connecting with your community. That’s still the fundamental purpose of a social media presence, but now, thanks to the brand new “+1” button from Google and Bing’s integration with Facebook, it’s clear to us that search engines are hopping on the social networking train, as well. This is great news for you as real estate agents, because now having a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ account can serve a purpose that goes beyond just making connections. Now, having a strong presence on … (7 comments)

benefits of using a virtual assistant: Build an Effective Online Community - 07/14/11 09:25 AM
Okay, so you’ve built up your Facebook page and Twitter account, you’ve been maintaining all of your pages daily, and you’ve even built up a decent number of fans. Many agents get to this point and they ask themselves what to do next. The answer is this: engage.This might sound simple enough, but you’d be surprised how many real estate agents hit a wall once they get the fans. They’re trying to build relationships with they’re online community and get the lead generation from social media, but they struggle with getting people to be responsive to them. This gets frustrating, and … (2 comments)

benefits of using a virtual assistant: The Three Most Common Social Media Mistakes - 06/23/11 10:53 AM
Social media is a brand-new form of marketing, so if you’re an experienced real estate agent who is used to more tried-and-true marketing tactics, it can be difficult to grasp the concept of Facebook and Twitter. It’s hard enough learning how to use social networking sites and to understand the lingo, but when you’re not getting the results that you want, it can get frustrating. That’s why sometimes, it’s important to take a step back and yourself this: What am I doing wrong?As real estate virtual assistants, we have adopted social networking as one of our biggest marketing tools for our … (5 comments)

benefits of using a virtual assistant: Your Bi-Weekly Bright Idea Update from RealSupport! - 11/19/10 12:19 AM

benefits of using a virtual assistant: Your Bi-Weekly Bright Idea Update from RealSupport! - 09/22/10 06:03 AM

benefits of using a virtual assistant: Need a Vacation? How to Have the Stress Free Getaway that You Deserve! - 08/19/10 06:53 AM
So, you haven’t had a vacation in years.  Or maybe you’ve attempted to get away from it all, but it seemed that there was always a call to take or an email to send and you found it impossible to put your blackberry down.  As an agent, you’ve experienced the chaotic workday schedule and probably wonder what it’s like to get away from it all the way people with “normal” job schedules do.  The Real Estate industry is a fast paced, moment to moment environment, which means you have to follow suit or fall behind. 
And what about the holidays?  Although … (0 comments)

benefits of using a virtual assistant: New Year’s Resolutions - Serve Don’t Sell! - 01/04/10 08:22 AM
Do you sell or serve?  It is a simple question.  I believe there is a big difference and your success in 2010 depends on it. Read more to gain a fresh perspective and start serving...These days no one wants to be sold.  We cringe when a telemarketer calls or someone knocks on our door selling something.  We are reluctant to give our phone number to anyone for fear they will call us!  Selling is just passe. It is the way of the past and a way to scare off your potential clients, that is for sure!How do you serve?  Depending on … (58 comments)

benefits of using a virtual assistant: Just a few benefits of using a Real Estate Virtual Assistant - 12/07/07 07:11 AM

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