real estate marketing: 9 Rules of Writing Real Estate Emails - 03/18/16 03:16 AM
It’s hard to believe, but web-based, “free” consumer email has been around for about 20 years! Remember the screeching, dial-up modems and clunky desktop computers we once used to read it? Times have changed, and now we commonly read emails from our smartphones.
With that in mind, today’s email messages need to be short, clear and purposeful. To help you update your email writing skills, we’re sharing some great tips from Inc. magazine, along with suggestions of our own!
1. Use speech recognition to create short messages. If you’ve been avoiding your speech recognition app, invest a little time practicing with it. … (3 comments)

real estate marketing: Confidence Builders for New Real Estate Agents - 02/29/16 02:58 AM
Real estate is competitive field, and new agents have it tough. Establishing your personal brand in a crowded market takes more than advertising – it takes confidence! How you handle your leads, phone calls and meetings can determine whether someone does business with you.
To help you, we’re sharing some tips we found on Business Insider, and we’re including our own examples!
1. Project calm and confident body language. Make phone calls while standing. Smile! Avoid making calls while multi-tasking. Pay full attention to the person you are speaking with. When meeting with clients, make eye contact and display enthusiasm. During your … (3 comments)

real estate marketing: 6 Ways to Win Local Media Exposure in 2016! - 12/28/15 02:46 AM
Leveraging local media enables you to demonstrate leadership in real estate and build authority for your personal brand. For example, long before she was a “Shark Tank” celebrity, Barbara Corcoran broke into New York City media by sending her real estate newsletter to every journalist in the newspaper – including the sports editor!
While that particular approach may backfire today, Ms. Corcoran’s market observations were taken with due seriousness at the time. When the media embraced her authority and published her findings, it helped launch her brand to the top.
Here are 6 ways you can win local media exposure in 2016! … (0 comments)

real estate marketing: Effective Content Marketing for Real Estate - 11/30/15 01:15 AM
Several weeks ago, we posted an introduction to content marketing in our prior blog post, “The Basics of Real Estate Content Marketing.” While the concept of content marketing is simple, we sometimes find real estate professionals sharing volumes of information without having a strategy in place. We’re going to share in-depth advice to help clear things up!
First, let’s talk about creating an effective content marketing strategy. To create a good content plan, you must know who you are trying to reach, and know what you have to offer.
For example:
Who is your ideal audience? (luxury home clients, investors, vacation … (2 comments)

real estate marketing: Handwritten Notes and Cards put Human Touch in Real Estate Marketing - 11/16/15 05:22 PM
We often talk about the value of technology in real estate marketing, and the advantages you can enjoy with systems and automation. However, there’s a very old-fashioned technique for building your real estate business that should not be neglected: the human touch of handwritten notes.
As we head into the holiday season, take this opportunity to reach out to your past clients and express your appreciation for their business and their referrals! Remember your clients, and they will remember you!
Here’s some classic suggestions from Inman News about using handwritten notes year-around, along with advice of our own!
Keep a stockpile of thank-you notes, … (1 comments)

real estate marketing: Why Real Estate Agents Need Online Reviews - 09/14/15 11:01 PM
Just how important are online reviews? According to Entrepreneur magazine, a 2014 survey shows that 88% of consumers used online reviews when evaluating a product, business or service.
Among surveyed consumers, 72% of them were more likely to trust a business that had positive reviews!
Most often, consumers are turning to online reviews for public opinion on restaurants, medical providers, hotels and car dealers. According to review analytics by BrightLocal, online reviews for real estate agents represents a modest, but growing segment, with 12% of consumers using online reviews to choose real estate services.
Positive online reviews help provide name recognition, professional reputation and new business. … (0 comments)

real estate marketing: Top 5 Tips for Managing Your Online Reputation - 08/03/15 09:21 PM
According to a consumer survey by, 76% of consumers use online reviews when evaluating a local business. What will prospective real estate clients find out about you with an online search?
Unless you're actively managing your online reputation, you could be unpleasantly surprised by what bubbles up to the top!
Fortunately, there are simple ways to establish and manage content that will enhance your professional image. We're sharing a few good tips from Entrepreneur, along with some advice of our own!
Use visual content to tell your story. Sites like Pinterest and Instagram are great places to start. Use photos to convey lifestyle branding … (4 comments)

real estate marketing: Find Your Profitable Niche in Real Estate - 06/22/15 11:06 PM
As the real estate market picks up steam, real estate classes pick up students! Competition among real estate agents is intensifying, and will not slow down for the foreseeable future.
On another front, market gains make home sales look "easy" - giving rise to more sale-by-owner services and discount brokerages. 
Meanwhile, technology has become a great equalizer. MLS listings are syndicated; real estate information is ubiquitous.
With all these challenges to your income, how do you get a larger slice of a shrinking pie?
Having a unique value proposition that differentiates you and your services is the first line of defense. Agents often present … (0 comments)

real estate marketing: 7 Ways to Market to Home Sellers! - 03/23/15 09:01 PM
Need more listings? Do more marketing!
Home inventory remains below normal in many areas of the country, challenging home buyers and pushing up prices. Meanwhile, improving market conditions have drawn new real estate licensees to the business.
With more agents seeking the same slice of pie, it's essential to market yourself!
7 ways to market yourself to potential home sellers:
1. Leverage your professional network. You know plenty of mortgage lenders, contractors and home service providers, but when is the last time you leveraged those relationships? Think about co-branding opportunities: everything from link exchanges on websites, to social media interaction, … (1 comments)

real estate marketing: Remarketing for Real Estate - What Is It and How Does It Help? - 10/29/14 09:30 PM
Competition within the real estate industry is fierce and out-spending your competitors can seem like an impossible task. Large real estate franchises spend enormous sums of money to keep their brand at the forefront of consumers’ minds and are constantly competing to be the biggest, the best and the most lucrative brokerages in the country. Fortunately, real estate marketing doesn’t have to be the daunting, expensive dark cloud looming over your office. Any real estate professional can have high-impact, global-quality marketing that is strategically targeted to your audience – All within your own budget. With a little research and a knowledgeable … (1 comments)

real estate marketing: The Importance of the Real Estate Newsletter! - 08/18/14 07:14 PM
With online marketing and social media becoming larger and more sophisticated means of communication, it is oftentimes easy to forget the importance of traditionals ways of marketing. While some forms of traditional marketing are out-dated and no longer offer the same return on investment, newsletters have long been a great way to keep in touch with clients and prospects. Additionally, our Real Estate Virtual Assistant team is very well-versed in the various programs and applications that can create and launch your newsletter virtually. When building your next newsletter, whether you send them on a bi-weekly, monthly or even quarterly basis, here … (4 comments)

real estate marketing: What is Image Branding, and How Can It Help You? - 08/03/14 07:36 PM
Our Real Estate Virtual Assistant team takes pride in staying on top of the latest technology and tools available to real estate professionals, as well as implementing new and innovative ways to help you work smarter. One of the newest and coolest programs for real estate professionals allows you to personally brand each and every listing photo with your name, your picture and your contact information. Imagine your listing on, Trulia, Zillow and other major real estate websites - With YOUR information branded right onto the main listing image. Your contact information will be easily visible to potential buyers perusing … (0 comments)

real estate marketing: 5 Mistakes to Stop Making With Your Website! - 07/08/14 08:28 PM
It's no secret that your website is quite possibly the most important tool that you have for generating new leads, branding yourself and encouraging potential clients to contact you. However, not all websites are created equal. Our Real Estate Virtual Assistant team has helped many real estate professionals around the country with rebuilding, re-branding and revitalizing their website and online presence to meet the evolving needs of tech-savvy buyers and sellers. While frequent content updates are necessary to ensure search engine optimization, there are a few mistakes that we often see others make with their websites. Here are just a handful … (4 comments)

real estate marketing: 5 Amazing Photography Apps for Your Real Estate Photos! - 06/01/14 07:12 PM
If you're a regular reader, then you already know that our Real Estate Virtual Assistant team are big proponents of using smart phone and mobile capabilities to streamline your day and make your busy life as a real estate professional a bit easier! When selling a home, the right photography can easily make or break a listing. With the vast majority of real estate searches taking place online and in the comfort of potential buyers' homes, it is imperative to ensure that your listing features high-resolution, quality photographs that accurately represent the property. It can be a fine line - You … (8 comments)

real estate marketing: Measuring the Success of Your E-Mail Blasts! - 05/26/14 03:47 PM
Sales and marketing professionals love technology and innovation, especially when it comes to working "smarter" and being able to accomplish things quickly, easily and by the click of a mouse. E-mail blasts have long been a popular tool of marketing communication due to the ease, simplicity and, of course, inexpensiveness of creating and launching a campaign. Because they are generally less costly than print campaigns and usually faster than direct letters, postcards or printed newsletters, it's no wonder that people use them so often to communicate with their prospects and clients.
However, measuring the success of an e-mail blast campaign can … (2 comments)

real estate marketing: Tips for Using LinkedIn to Your Professional Advantage! - 04/01/14 05:48 PM
Out of many social networks, each with their own pros, cons, audiences and suggested uses, LinkedIn has long been the overall standard for professional virtual networking. With a user base of over 259 million professionals across the globe (Source:, it covers just about every industry, trade and profession. While most people realize that creating an account, filling it in with your experience, education and other resume points and connecting with colleagues past and present is key, what many don't realize is how much more this social network can offer! Our Real Estate Virtual Assistant team tends to be very active … (4 comments)

real estate marketing: Social Media Marketing Statistics to Remember! - 03/11/14 06:38 PM
Everyone has heard the age-old phrase that “knowledge is power”. This is particularly true in business, and especially within the real estate industry. Professionals are highly dependent on themselves for clients and referrals, and the ability to reach out will certainly determine success. As a professional Real Estate Virtual Assistant team, we often field questions about social media marketing and its importance. While we can cite many examples of social media success and how its now an integral part of a real estate professional’s life, oftentimes the facts speak for themselves. Here is just a sample of some mind-blowing, eye-popping social … (13 comments)

real estate marketing: 5 Great Apps to Boost Your Productivity! - 03/04/14 04:36 PM
In today’s world of smart phones, clouds and technology at your fingertips, downloadable apps can be fantastic tools used to boost productivity and increase convenience in your daily life. With technology changing quickly and new apps being released every day, it is essential as a real estate professional to know what’s out there and how it can make your life easier. Our Real Estate Virtual Assistant team are big proponents of working both harder AND smarter, and understand that staying abreast of evolving technology can make a big difference in your day-to-day business in the long run. We understand how chaotic … (16 comments)

real estate marketing: Spring Postcard Ideas to Get in Touch With Clients! - 02/26/14 04:40 PM
With the spring real estate market upon us, client outreach can be a very powerful tool to get in touch with past clients and introduce yourself to future ones! One of the most common, inexpensive and easiest ways to do this is by a simple postcard campaign. Our Real Estate Virtual Assistant team has planned and executed hundreds of custom print mailings for our clients and can recommend a few ideas for what works well in a postcard campaign. Some suggestions include:
-Spring forward. A simple reminder of the upcoming time change and letting homeowners know to when to set their … (0 comments)

real estate marketing: 4 Must-Have Features for Your Real Estate Website! - 02/14/14 09:33 AM
A real estate professional’s website may very well be one of their most important marketing tools! Ensuring that yours is working for you and meeting the criteria of a successful website in today’s rapid-paced information age is important for seeing a return on your investment. While there are many essential aspects to a quality, successful website, there are a few things that are of the utmost importance. These “must-have” features include:
-Mobile Capabilities. The great majority of property searches are conducted online, and the mobile industry is only expected to continue its explosive growth. This means that more and more property … (15 comments)

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