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If you thought the secret to Twitter success involved using as many hashtags as possible, you’re on the wrong path. Times have changed! Twitter has evolved, and so has its audience.We found some good tips on, and we’ve added our expert insights for you. Here are the latest Twitte...
Content marketing for real estate is something we’ve talked about in prior posts, and it’s important enough that we’re bringing it up again! Today we’re sharing new content marketing tips from Entrepreneur magazine, with more insights of our own! First, a quick refresher: the purpose of content m...
To keep user newsfeeds manageable, Facebook uses complex algorithms to decide how posts are distributed. This has resulted in ever-shrinking organic reach. Small Facebook pages, having 1,000 page Likes or less, can expect about 22.8% of their posts to reach their audience. As your page grows, the...
When it comes to blogging, one of the most common questions asked by real estate agents is, “How does a blog help my bottom line?” This comes from wanting a return on investment; proof that a blog will bring leads, clients and sales. However, a blog isn’t a mere advertisement. It’s inaccurate to ...
Welcome to 2016! As we get down to business in the New Year, it’s a great time to embrace new ideas for better results. Whether you wish to improve your health or your real estate business, these 7 suggestions can help!1. According to a recent article in Business Insider, the best way to make a n...
Leveraging local media enables you to demonstrate leadership in real estate and build authority for your personal brand. For example, long before she was a “Shark Tank” celebrity, Barbara Corcoran broke into New York City media by sending her real estate newsletter to every journalist in the news...
As home values rise, the number of real estate agents seems to rise as well! If you are a new agent trying to find footing in a crowded field, you might be hoping for “shortcuts” to success. If you are an experienced agent, you may be looking for ways to grow your business in an increasingly comp...
This time of year offers plenty of social occasions! Real estate agents who remain astute to opportunity can create memorable impressions that last far into the future. We found some good suggestions from Inc. magazine, and we're including some tips of our own!1. Master the basics. Your in-person...
The last weeks of 2015 are usually consumed by holiday shopping, parties and family gatherings. Your income tax filing could be the furthest thing from your mind! Yet this is a good time of year to get organized and take advantage of last-minute tax strategies. Here are some tips to help you!1. S...
Several weeks ago, we posted an introduction to content marketing in our prior blog post, “The Basics of Real Estate Content Marketing.” While the concept of content marketing is simple, we sometimes find real estate professionals sharing volumes of information without having a strategy in place....

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