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In our prior blog post, we talked about how to build your email contact list. This week, we're sharing 3 compelling email subject line strategies to help you increase your open rates! We've customized these for use by real estate professionals. We're including suggestions to make them relevant to...
Inman News posted an excellent article about how email campaigns dramatically outperform Facebook and Twitter when it comes to online marketing. Email open rates can average 20%, while Facebook and Twitter's organic reach is a small fraction of your audience, landing in the single digits. Here ar...
How you live your personal life can go a long way towards your success, according to a recent article in Entrepreneur. The article considered the habits of wealthy business leaders and celebrities, finding several common traits among the elite. We're sharing a few of them here, along with our own...
According to a consumer survey by, 76% of consumers use online reviews when evaluating a local business. What will prospective real estate clients find out about you with an online search?Unless you're actively managing your online reputation, you could be unpleasantly surprised by ...
How well do you know the most popular real estate websites? According to the eBizMBA Rank, the Top 10 Real Estate websites as of July 1, 2015, included many familiar names, along with one or two sites you may not have expected!Here's the order of popularity, as determined by the number of unique ...
Conducting your real estate businesses with the right habits and methods goes a long way towards your success. Recently, we were inspired by a Forbes article entitled the Do's and Don'ts of Running Your Own Business. We're sharing some highlights with you, along with our own tips to make it appli...
Just about everyone in real estate knows about Barbara Corcoran and her rags-to-riches story. As one of the stars of "Shark Tank", she has become a household name synonymous with success. How did she do it?According to an interview with Inc. Magazine, Corcoran recommends several productivity tips...
Facebook's new features encourage page administrators to promptly answer questions from visitors. Here's the latest that we picked up from TechCrunch and the Boston Business Journal! Facebook Response Rate: This feature is still in the test phase, but it is appearing on pages with 1,000 Likes or ...
Real estate professionals know that all markets are local, and there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to market conditions. The same is true for search engine optimization and Google search results! What's local is now what's important.We're going to share some SEO insights from Entrepreneur...
As the real estate market picks up steam, real estate classes pick up students! Competition among real estate agents is intensifying, and will not slow down for the foreseeable future.On another front, market gains make home sales look "easy" - giving rise to more sale-by-owner services and disco...

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