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Creating an effective content marketing strategy begins with understanding what content marketing is. Simply put, content marketing for real estate involves using local information and entertainment to promote your brand online. Content includes audience-relevant blog and social media posts, arti...
As a real estate professional, you already know how important it is to have a strong Internet presence for your business. And while you may be fluent in social media, SEO and online lead capture, you may not realize how vast the Internet really is!Here are some mind-boggling facts about the web t...
Inman News recently published a brief article about top digital marketing tips for real estate agents. We're going to share highlights with you, and add some helpful detail to help you form an online marketing plan that you can implement! First, some background. Inman News conducted a survey of ...
LinkedIn is one of the largest and fastest-growing social media sites in the world, with 400 million members, and 2 new members signing up every second. What's more, LinkedIn members tend to be professional, well-educated and affluent. LinkedIn enables real estate agents to engage with past clien...
Inman News recently posted an insightful article about client retention, noting that only 25% of real estate clients use the same agent for their next transaction.Another challenge is the fact that most real estate clients are infrequent customers, buying or selling a home only every 7 years or s...
Real estate agents love email as a marketing tool - and for good reason! Email remains an effective way to reach prospects and clients, and stay top-of-mind. Outbound email campaigns can also help you convert leads into active clients!However, email can be a double-edged sword, commanding your at...
Just how important are online reviews? According to Entrepreneur magazine, a 2014 survey shows that 88% of consumers used online reviews when evaluating a product, business or service.Among surveyed consumers, 72% of them were more likely to trust a business that had positive reviews!Most often, ...
While it's relatively easy to obtain a real estate license, establishing and growing your business can be a difficult challenge! We have some important tips to help you launch your real estate career, gained from our own experience in helping new agents as well as top producers.1. Join the right ...
When it comes to generating real estate leads and new business, LinkedIn has advantages over other social media channels. According to a recent article in the Minneapolis Business Journal, LinkedIn has over 400 million members, and the majority of them are "professional, affluent and well-read." ...
In our prior blog post, we talked about how to build your email contact list. This week, we're sharing 3 compelling email subject line strategies to help you increase your open rates! We've customized these for use by real estate professionals. We're including suggestions to make them relevant to...

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