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This February 15, 2018 Washington Post Home and Garden article "What to know about hiring a professional organizer" by Kevin Brasler is worth analyzing, line by sometimes-painful line. So I'm reprinting it in its entirety, with my comments in red. A National Association of Productivity and Organi...
I broke up with BNI Sky Valley Business Boosters Monroe on Valentine's Day 2018. It's painful. The relationship had been great: supportive, fun-filled, intellectually stimulating. I unhesitatingly recommend BNI as a source of highly competent professionals for hire in a wide range of industries, ...
I'm tormented with reconciling my bookkeeping for tax year 2017, a task I'm abysmally fond of putting off as long as possible. Far as I'm concerned, it's with good reason. $116.89 for lunch?!??!??!??!?!??!??!?????
I’ll be presenting The Organizer on the Road ShowTuesday April 3, 2018 atSno-Valley Senior Center4610 Stephens AvenueCarnation, WA 98014 1:00PM – 2:00PMas a guest during its Health and Wellness Fair.ANDMonday April 23, 2018 atKenmore Senior Center6910 NE 170th StreetKenmore WA 9802810:00AM – 11:0...
 My gratitude to Charles Mendelson, EAMP, the talented and thoughtful Senior Clinician acupuncturist of Seattle Holistic Beauty for giving me the opportunity to be his first interviewee on his YouTube program Kallosophia: Living the Beautiful Life. Charles hopes to introduce his audience to servi...
You may remember my post about a Monroe  WA Goodwill which got a donation of marijuana? A Goodwill in Manasota, Florida just got a grenade launcher. For a really funny take on it, listen to the The Danny Bon...
Edward Hallowell is an extremely gifted writer. His work is lyrical, poignant, often funny, and always to-the-point and accessible. I seldom want to write a review which is nothing but quotes from the book under consideration, but I had to fight the impulse this time.  Instead, I will simply urge...
Ms. Feliz is becoming a more accomplished storyteller with each new work. I did intuit the bad guy, but talked myself out of my hunch because I really couldn’t settle on a favorite among a satisfying range of suspects. I was completely led astray by her red herring. As always, she offered up quir...
Time to set aside Level I and start on more advanced Level IIs. I’ll be sitting for the first one in May.
My elderly cat Snickers died on Saturday 1/20/2018. On Sunday, I brought his things to Homeward Pet, my favorite shelter in Washington, without hesitation, to honor him and quietly make emotional space for a new pet someday. But recently, I had to rescind my recommendation of a non-profit, Missy'...

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