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I have to. I must. You must. I have to meet this deadline. I must meet this deadline. You must meet this deadline. I have to meet this deadline to get organized or I'll be embarrassed when my friends come over for the party. I must meet this deadline and then I'll have a more comfortable house. Y...
I get Professional Organizer perks. Excellent perks. Fierce and fabulous perks. A behind-the-scenes tour of Goodwill Seattle‘s premier retail location at 1400 South Lane Street last night, was, for the second time I’ve taken the tour, my favorite perk of all time. My NAPO Seattle Area chapter col...
Just applied for my third certificate of study from the Institute for Challenging Disorganization. My goal is five by the end of the year. That'll satisfy 1/3 of my Continuing Education requirements for my NAPO CPO status for the next three years and I'll surely be serving my clients even more ef...
I made a mistake in my last blog, Sneaky Santa. Some, maybe even most charities, will take a check with a smile and a big "Thank You" and they'll spend the money as carefully as they can. But the Girl Scouts cookies.... Those cookies aren't just the cash: the young women selling those power-powde...
Like shopping, especially around the holidays? Maybe ought not to shop – get just a little too enthusiastic? You know what I mean: no idea where the trinket will go on the tree, five oh-so-cute miniature Santa hats for the dog instead of one, $100 out of pocket instead of $10…When you find yourse...
I always have fun contributing to on-line blogs. This one is expertly timed. Best Organizers and Bins For Your Holiday Decorations, offered by SpareFoot author Rachel Hartman. She's got lots of good stuff, take a glance at her page. And my colleagues had very wise words to add in this piece: I've...
This to-the-point infographic from MakeSpace storage, a full-service storage company based in NYC, Chicago, LA and Washington DC, illustrates many of the overwhelmingly compelling reasons we Organizers wish EVERYONE who needs organizing help would get organizing help. CLUTTER IS RUINING YOUR LIFE...
Yes, it's a name change from National Association of Professional Organizers. More accurately reflects what we do, and how we do it. And it's got a particularly fun resource, a blog which gathers contributions from the far-flung tribe around the globe. Take a look!
I am bisexual, capable of loving, committed, supportive, long-term physical and emotional relationships with either men or women. I've been out since 1982. I'm neither proud nor ashamed of this, any more than I'm proud or ashamed of being a redhead, short, having extremely bad eyesight or being r...
It was marvelous fortune that I met C. Melita Webb when she consulted me for organizing help. She has taught me a great deal about courage, and what it means to aspire to graceful, compassionate dignity for oneself and others. I am not a Christian, but I think Ms. Webb's ideals are universal to a...

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