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Much needed 'actual' rain in WNC today, and even a little snow in the forecast for Sunday...my best suggestion? Relax, Regroup, and Power Naps! Power naps are not only healthy, but they provide amazing 'brainstorming' time. New ideas, revamped methodologies, consistent innovation, and persistant ...
The Us Open Men's Finals this afternoon is sure to be great sport, but as Realtors we are in the middle of watching a couple of other very interesting matches:Lenders vs. BuyersLenders vs. SellersSub Prime Lenders vs. Wall StreetInterest Rates vs. Government GuidelinesProperty Values vs. Appraisa...
Those days slipped away unfortunately fast, part work part play, a bee sting, some rest, and here we are at Labor Day...What are 1496 of us doing blogging instead of playing? Now that's dedication!Wanted to share that I received an email from a gentleman down on his housing luck, asking for assis...
Notice that Wednesday, otherwise also known as "hump day" also came and went in a hurry? Not so big a climb afterall. The lovely slide towards Friday being part of the good about Thursdays every single week, oh my goodness, it will be Thanksgiving before we know it! Every Thursday is an opportuni...
See, here we are at Tuesday already...how time flies! Monday wasn't so bad afterall heh? If nothing else, it's done, and you can't get it back, like it or not. So what now for today?  As they say...'Off to the races' and yet another opportunity to meet and greet buyers and sellers. They are out t...
So, you either had a great weekend and transacted some Real Estate, or you didn't. Either way, Monday is either clean up the paperwork trail from the weekend, or dig around for a paper trail you can start, Either way, Mondays in the RE Industry are always busy, one way or another.The accompanying...
Has the idea that Labor Day Weekend is almost upon us caught anyone else off guard? Shoot, it will be Christmas before we know it!That last hurrah of summer, regardless that it will remain hot for a couple of months to come, is welcomed by many as  soothing thoughts of BBQ's, swimming, sunning, s...
One ringy dingy, two ringy dingy, three ringy dingy...answer, or they are about to dial another number! As Realtors, our lives are completely dependant on communication. Answering the phone is mostly a pleasure as it brings possibilities unless a disgruntled buyer or seller just has to have his/h...
Back to school time friends. School buses are learning their new routes, and for those of us who spend the better part of our day behind the wheel, just a reminder that getting to an appointment late is okay! In just the past couple of days, I see people weaving around buses, oblivious to the big...
Talk about a couple of unhappy Real Estate bits of business...and the 'school of hard knocks'... that have resulted in a real WIN!Unfortunately, it fell to me last year, to go after a Realtor in the NC Beach area, who simply changed the commission rate whilst a property I sold to buyers was pendi...

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