newfoundland: The most beautiful place to my humble opinion... - 02/19/11 03:50 PM
Today, on a rare, sunny and windless (but cold) day, my husband and I hiked to the most easterly point in North America, Cape Spear. Cape Spear is just outside of our capital city St. John’s.   If you don’t know where St. John’s, Newfoundland is, just look as far east in North America on a map as you can….and there I am, in St. John’s. Hmmm, an island, in the middle of the North Atlantic…..why would anyone live here? Here are just a few reasons why we make this rugged island our home.
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newfoundland: Photos of the most easterly city in North America? Do you know the name of it? - 01/13/10 12:09 PM
If you don't, you're not alone...most people don't.  But I live in this beautiful historic city...which is St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada.
Here are some interesting facts about Newfoundland & Labrador:
Our province consists of the island portion (Newfoundland) and a mainland portion (Labrador).  
The capital of NL, St. John's, is considered to be one of oldest, and possibly the oldest city in North America.  
The coastline of NL is 17,542 kms (over 10,000 miles) and the area is 405,720 sq. km (156,649 sq. miles).   In spite of our large geographical area, our population is only a little … (6 comments)