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We all know that this has been a rough year in real estate and although I have been BLESSED I have still tried to find ways to save money but still give my client's 110% of my service. With that being said I found a company that will do free virtual tours for you and all you need to do is take th...
Hello Again Tonight!! Ok I have been slammed with emails wanting to know some more advice and tips. This is my last blog for tonight and then I'm crashing. LOL As a Realtor I look for avenues to keep my name and face out there in the community. Some I have to pay for and some are given to us FREE...
OK! Let me break this down for you. I first heard about Second Life in 2007 and thought yeah right me a Avatar. I'm a successful Realtor and a mother of two children and married to a great man and not to mention I'm 35 years old...a little past the virtaul world of Avatars and games!! Then I saw ...
Hello All, I'm new to Blogging and to AR but as I have been surfing past and present post it seems like agents are in need of a list of names of lenders with contact phone & fax numbers. I have one that I'm willing to I believe that ALL Realtors need to have Short Sale training asap....

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