What has blogging done for you and How does it work for you? Ive just started blogging, here and on my website and on worldpress - now that being said, its fun and I am enjoying it - it apparently is the way of the future of real estate. My question to all of you great bloggers is this, how has i...
As I was surfing the net yesterday, I came across a powerful, yet sad blog / comments on a young woman who chose adoption rather than parenting her 6 month old baby.  This young woman already had a child and tried to parent this new addition, however for whatever reason realized that it was somet...
I just got an email today from someone wanting to move to my area asking me to call him, so of course I did.  After speaking about different areas and price and such, we then spoke about a specific property, he says to me, oh yeah, I spoke to an agent about that property already.  I said, oh, you...
Property Management Please remember in NY that if you hire a property manager to manage your property and collect rents, they have to be a licensed real estate agent - just a reminder, don't get caught in a lawsuit! Carpe Diem Colleen
Of course, I started out quick and fast, but forgot to introduce myself to my new community! So here goes.. My name is Colleen W August, I work for Real Estate Investments in a suburb of Buffalo, NY.  We are a small, but a full customer service agency that has been around over 15 years.  Actually...
Well, let's talk about pricing your home.  You are ready, you decided, yes I want to sell my home, it could be for a variety of reasons, perhaps you have outgrown your first home, or maybe your children have flown the coop and now you want a cozier place to live, or maybe, just maybe it's time fo...

Colleen August