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Lawrence McCown, licensed Realtor with the Howell office of Blue Realty GMAC Real Estate Services, achieved the distinction of being #1 in condominium sales for Jackson in 2006. Lawrence was also the top 3 in closed real estate sales of all types in Jackson in 2006. Those figures were based on in...
The town was named in honor of President Andrew Jackson. It is the third-largest municipality in the state of New Jersey. About half of the township's 100 square miles is in the Pinelands. Jackson Township was established in 1844 and is located in the geographic center of New Jersey, in between N...
Historic Clinton New Jersey and its surrounding area could be described as a hub of the historical growth of a major crossroad from New Jersey to Pennsylvania and New York that began in the early 1700's and continues to the current day. Clinton was distinguished from other villages as an importan...
When I started in Real Estate almost 30 years ago, it took me 6 months to get to my first closing. Of course, things were a little different back then. There wasn't nearly the emphasis on training there is today, and technology consisted of a calculator and carbon paper. I remember my first broke...
I see so many articles that deal with the short term values of real estate. Is this a good buy, is now the time to buy, where will values be in 6 months or in a year, all kinds of speculations as to where real estate is heading right now. But, underlying it all, there is the notion that I have al...
Ours is a business of people. It's all about people, contacting people, farming, FSBO's, sphere of influence, expireds, lis pendens and any other target audience we choose to service. You can have the nicest materials, have the greatest presentation, be the most orderly and knowledgeable agent th...
Having seen a few valleys and peaks since I entered into the business in 1977, its my experience that every market adjustment to the downside has brought with it, amongst other things, a "shaking of the tree", or  a decrease in the number of active agents in the business, as more agents leave for...
Here's a value added for your first time buyers;To help increase homeownership opportunities during this holiday season, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development is launching its special "FHA Brings the Holidays Home" sales campaign. This campaign is especially designed for low- to mo...
 If you've ever had to move because of a job-related transfer, then you have experienced firsthand the multitude of detail and preparation needed for such a move, not to mention the emotional upheaval and physical wear and tear this relocation makes.  Now imagine that your transfer brings you and...
If you have ever thought about pursuing a career in Real Estate, we invite you to take our Real Estate Simulator and see if a career in Real Estate is for you!. The Real Estate Simulator uses video over the Internet to reproduce a series of common and challenging situations that Real Estate agent...

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