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My blog is intended to provide information related to home inspections in Seattle, surrounding communities and anyone else interested. Sometimes I will provide information that has nothing to do with home inspections. Enjoy!
I was walking around a house I was inspecting the other day when I noticed some hornets fling about.  It did not take long to see where they were coming from, as there was a ginormous nest weighing down the branches of a small bush.While this type of wasp is common in the northeast, I don’t see t...
I thought it might be fun to talk about the optical zoom of our cameras.When we compare pictures of how good the zoom is, we have to keep in mind that the camera starts out with everything in the frame at a much further distance away than what we actually can see. The reason for this is that the ...
I am always amazed at how often I see candles in homes during inspections.Everyone loves candles—I have a few around the house for emergencies myself.  Burning scented candles, or burning candles for romance is probably not the best practice in the indoor environment.  Candles can be a significan...
I think a lot of people think of IR as something used in the winter to check for signs of issues related to energy efficiency or inefficiency.The reality is that it can be used year round to discover anomalies related to energy efficiency.  It can also miss many things just about any time of the ...
While our numbers for these Seattle meetups are typically small, they are always worthwhile.  Yesterday breakfast and conversation was enjoyed with James Kaysen , Dan Tabit , Rene Fabre , Barbie Van Horn, and myself.Rene, Barbie, Jim, Dan, CharlieRemember, it does not take a lot of people to solv...
  There will indeed be a Seattle Meetup at the usual place.  This will be our 12th, and I hope if you are in the Seattle area you will find your way there. Rene Fabre and I will be hosting. 8am, Friday, the 22nd of July, at the 14 Carrot Café, at 2305 Westlake Ave E, Seattle, WA Please RSVP eithe...
Playing in the rain results in the celebration of many different milestones.For many it is the financial freedom that comes with $500,000 points.Another would be that coveted number one position in your city, county or state.  Some of these are getting harder and harder to come by.Counting the nu...
All the things we assume true (but actually are not true—or at least cannot be proven) are buried fundamentally in what we bring to any discussion.  Because of this we are always vulnerable to being seen as less than able to support our entire position—as well as blind to the other person’s posit...

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