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My blog is intended to provide information related to home inspections in Seattle, surrounding communities and anyone else interested. Sometimes I will provide information that has nothing to do with home inspections. Enjoy!
Across the pond, Great Britain (or is it now Not-so-Great Britain?) has decided it is best to not be part of the larger world view.  They have chosen isolation.Like it or not, we are all trapped on this spinning globe. We either all make it or none of us makes it. Any steps taken, that take us aw...
A heads up on the use of 3-light circuit testers.Whether you are a home inspector or a real estate agent, you have likely either used or seen used, these common place 3-light testers.  They are designed to give the user a quick diagnosis of circuit wiring and can find some of the common defects a...
While I do not know the exact makeup of all of this black marking of the ceiling on one side of the garage, I am quite sure that a very large percentage is bits of tires and brake linings from the highway on the other side of the fence.The boiler gets its combustion/dilution air from the garage a...
To answer the title's question, I wish I could say, “Just because.”I know that is not going to convince anyone though, so I will give some examples of why EVERY home needs an inspection in the context of a real estate transaction--even new construction.While I agree the number of serious issues l...
I don’t know the whole story on this, but what I do know adds up to “odd.”I was informed by my client that the seller has informed them the roof was 7 years old and there were no known leaks.I said OK, and dove into the inspection.I could see the roof had been “less than professionally” installed...
It seems at times, home inspectors are damned if they do and damned if they don’t.What should report write-ups about home defects look like? If you talk to 100 agents and 100 inspectors you will likely get 200 answers.If you talk to clients, you will not likely get nearly so many answers.Since ob...
 There has been some discussion about whether push-to-connect type plumbing fittings (Shark-Bites are a common brand name) maintain electrical continuity when using them on metal piping.As near as I can tell, the unsatisfactory answer is that they are not tested or listed for continuity through t...
I recently did a post about the homeless living under bridges and other areas around Seattle.It is not uncommon to see folks with their shopping carts, cardboard boxes and blue tarps set up in the doorways of buildings almost anywhere.I have seen them in the doorways of buildings I was at to insp...

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