conducive conditions: One person’s conducive condition, is another person’s romantic notion. - 05/07/12 12:20 AM
When a home inspector or a structural pest inspector starts talking about “conducive conditions,” there is a good chance they are not talking about conditions conducive to supporting your home’s well being.  They are more likely talking about conditions that are detrimental to the health of your home.
Basically anything that can encourage, support or result in infestation of wood destroying insects or wood decay/rot can be considered a conducive condition---conducive to wood destroying insects---conducive to wood decay/rot.
Missing paint, missing caulk, missing flashings, improper flashings, missing roofing, leaking roofing, plumbing leaks, leaking gutters, missing gutters, improper drainage, failed sump … (12 comments)

conducive conditions: Old as Methuselah----in other words----old as dirt! Eventually even Methuselah returned to the earth. - 08/05/11 02:03 AM
Take a look at this "pantry" built into a crawl space with access from the basement.This untreated wood structure has been buried three feet in the ground since 1924---with not the slightest sign of wood decay/rot or wood destroying insects. In this next picture I have done a color "overlay" of the area buried in dirt.Here is a picture of the dirt up against the structure from inside the crawl space.As a Washington State, Licensed Structural Pest Inspector I still have to mention the entire installation as being "conducive" to wood decay/rot and infestation by wood destroying insects.The fact that it … (29 comments)

conducive conditions: My mind is in the gutter again today. - 06/04/11 04:15 AM
While having one's mind in the gutter can be entertaining and exciting, when it is about the gutters on one's home it is usually anything but entertaining or exciting.  Of course if that is your particular "thing" I will do my best to understand.There are those that would say that gutters on homes are part of the problem---as opposed to a solution to anything.  In climates with lots of snow, people claim that the weight of heavy snow and ice will just rip them off the home.  There are ways to deal with that problem, but I will let that be … (20 comments)

conducive conditions: Well, how does that float your boat? - 10/17/10 03:54 AM
     As a Licensed Structural Pest Inspector, the inspection of House Boats for conditions conducive to wood destroying organisms almost seems like an oxymoron.  And yet the few that I have inspected, or worked on, have had no more issues with wood destroying organisms than other Pacific NW homes.

     It just isn’t logical that you could throw some logs in the water---chain them together---build a house on top----and not have any problems.  Some of the Seattle House boats have logs that are 100 years old----and still floating.  Many of the land-bound homes of Seattle, that are 100 years old, … (22 comments)

conducive conditions: Seattle Home Inspector---just horsing around a little! - 06/03/10 02:56 AM
     In the old Wild West, lots of buildings had a hitching post with a watering trough for the horses out front.  Of course in the movies someone was always getting knocked over the rail and into the watering trough for some sobering up.

     At a recent inspection, I saw such a trough that reminded me of a scene from the Wild West----but there was no hitching post----although the fence probably would suffice----better not leave my ladder there too long.

     Actually, this is no watering trough though (man those words are similar); it is a professionally built … (22 comments)

conducive conditions: Foundation Cross-ties----Water in the Crawl Space - 01/20/08 12:47 AM
     There are many ways that water finds its way into crawl spaces.  One of those ways is through the old form "cross-ties" installed when the foundation was originally "mono-poured" (the footing and the wall are all poured at the same time).  This method of construction requires that wood boards be placed across the footing boards and then the wall forms are built on top of these cross-ties.  After the concrete is poured the forms are taken off and the cross-ties remain.  Over time they rot away.  This rotting/missing wood is a great way for wood destroying organisms and water to … (0 comments)

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